Thursday unloading part one

Posted too soon.  Forgot to take a pics of the games.


Sorry for the flash flare. In a hurry because it’s time to run back to the show. 

One game also missed the pic


Back to the press room to look around a bit

Found some nice Easter eggs on thr elfenland de luxe board. 


It appears that alan has renamed a bunch of the cities for friends of his.  My favorite one might be Krantz Rapids.

And now I know what T. I. M. E Stories stands for. Also note that there is not a period after the E.


Also met up with Tom Felber, the head of the SdJ jury. I can’t even imagine what his schedule is at Spiel.


Stop for a mid afternoon snack.. Nothing like freshly fried donuts. Notice a trend in my eating today?


Ok. Round 2 back at the hotel


Until your next appointment
The gaming doctor


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6 Responses to Thursday unloading part one

  1. Just saw the BGG interview on Steamrollers. It looks like a pretty cool (if a little over-priced) pick-up-and-deliver filler. Curious to hear what you think of it.

  2. I can’t find Flick [Ball] on BGG… looks awesome though.

  3. I wish I would have pre-ordered Lignum. I can’t wait to hear the feedback.

  4. Fraser says:

    How much is BM these days? I seem to remember you commenting on my GeekList when we picked it up way back in 2009.

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