Friday night

Here is the rest of the day.

Another new game from Rio Grande set up, Tin Goose.


Next, a chance to play a prototype of the new Hans im Gluck Essen 2016 release, tentatively titled Orient Express – though the title isn’t set. It’s designed Helmut Ohley, half of the team that brought you Russian Railroads.

It feels like a streamlined Russian Railroads. You are building two tracks from Paris to Constantinople.

There is no central board which makes things a bit smaller on the board. Actions are on a central Tableau of cards, and you choose a card and do the action. You can build track or build your tech line, and you can also advance your locomotives or your tech marker.

There appears to be a good amount of variety. The game starts with basic action cards and then uses two different modules (out of five or six possible) to give a decent amount of variety.

The short preview would be “Russian railroads das kartenspiel”

Very good in this rough draft. About 75 to 90 minutes to play – 6 rounds with three actions per player in each.

Next was the next HiG prototype which is a cooperative game, definitely a departure from the usual. In this game, players are working together to build the Tower of Babel, but as each player has secret scoring cards (both immediately and endgame) and as you would expect from the theme, you are limited in what you can say, so that’s the challenge here.

No pictures as they are both still in early prototype version.

Now a quick break to tour the room to see what else is being played.

Guns and Steel

Adventure land

Stimmt so!

New from Zman, Junkart


And the new flick em up expansion

Ok. Got roped into a game of Junkart, a new release from Pret

Essentially, you build an artistic exhibit on your base piece. There are twelve different scenarios in the game, which essentially reward different building conditions.


On a turn, play two cards from your hand, offer them to the next player who chooses one. . Each of you play the piece on your card.

Score points if you can successfully place a piece that matches color or shape of previously placed pieces.

The designers having a good time.

Scott’s artwork

Here’s mine

Pre release at Origins. Full release at GenCon.

(my real tower)

Dinner at the Rainforest cafe with Alan and friends.


Tiki drinks are all the rage


Our host got one as well


Second round of tiki drink


After dinner, more Codenames Pictures and then a fun game of Doctor Panic.


Comes with headgear


It’s a real time game. Teams work together to solve multiple challenges. Twelve minutes of frantic fun.

Last one for tonight is quadropolis, a brain burny game from days of wonder


Draft a tile from the Tableau with a numbered architect. Then place the piece on your board ib a row or column that matches. Some pieces can be stacked. Each tile comes with some bonus resources when you place it. At the end of the game, you use the two different resources to activate tiles. Only activated tiles will score. Each of the six types of tiles scores in a different way based on tile location or other tiles around it.


Here is my board about 70 percent done


Ok. Enough posting for tonight. I’ll pick it up tomorrow

Until your next appointment
The gaming doctor


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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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3 Responses to Friday night

  1. Fraser says:

    Did you play the standard or advanced Quadropolis? We played the standard with 4 players and after Between two Cities it felt a bit meh. You had more control over your own scoring, when people stopped stealing the tiles I wanted from the centre of course. I am curious if it improves with the advanced rules/tiles or it was just a bit too lightweight for our group.

  2. I’m glad it is so easy for the Canadians to attend. Very multicultural!

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