Friday mid day at the Gathering

First game of Codenames pictures was played


Essentially the same but you need to use picture cards instead of word cards.  . There do not seem to be any taboo words in clues because there are no words on the cards.

Two possible layouts of the board.  They haven’t figured it out yet.  We’re serving as free playtesting.

I will post pictures later as soon as Petr allows. Such as this one. Some example picture cards.


The artist is the same as the base game. The pictures are nicely done so they often have multiple meanings or parts that be clued to

Here are the rest of the cge games.

Then off to lunch.


Went across the street to the burger place in the casino. Not bad at lunch time, only about a two pack worth of sidestream smoke at this early hour.

When we got back, found Jay sitting at the Rio Grande office stickering up his new game


The big game for the afternoon was Dynasties.
There is a rough translation in the box and the cards are language independent, so we were able to learn from the rules.


Here is an artsy display of my starting pieces

Game state near the end

For bonus points, guess what this icon represents?

That’s the report for now. Maybe one more by the end of the night

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7 Responses to Friday mid day at the Gathering

  1. ericwedens says:

    So you still say “Apple” “3” or whatever. Will the cards be in color? That might make saying a color a taboo word since you are describing the card art and not the actual item??? No idea. And I assume the icon is AP(analysis paralysis) since it probably is a wild and you’ll have to take forever deciding which action to do or thing to take.

  2. I’ve read enough Kurt Vonnegut to know what that symbol is.

  3. Craig Massey says:

    Played with Dale in both Codename: Pictures as well as Dynasties. I’m hard pressed to imagine that the former won’t be just as big of a success as the original.

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