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Issue #72 (April 2016) is now available for download from the BoardGameGeek store:

This is the BIGGEST ISSUE EVER, with 120 pages chock-full of reviews, articles, commentary, discussion and more…all in full color!

Here is a peek at the brilliant cover designed by Timothy Weaver and featuring the outstanding artwork from Matt Leacock’s recent release Thunderbirds:


So, what’s included in this issue?  The following is just a brief overview of the nearly two dozen reviews and nearly a dozen articles included in Issue #72.


Bomb Squad Academy:  Dr. Dale Yu takes us on a harrowing journey into the Bomb Squad Academy, where players are students learning how to disarm bombs.  One small misstep could result in a horrendous explosion and catastrophe!  Is the game as tense and exciting as the theme?  Dr. Yu tells all.

Concordia Salsa:  Concordia was a major hit for designer Max Gerdts.  Does this much anticipated follow-up improve on the game, or is it, like many sequels, a let-down?  Simon Weinberg gives it the thumbs-up.  Find out why.

Expo 1906:  It is 1906 and the world is changing at a dizzying speed.  The World Exposition features amazing and mind-boggling inventions that are sure to change the world in dramatic ways.  Expo 1906 recreates this new world of fabulous inventions.  John Humphries gives us the scoop.

Food Chain Magnate:  Any Splotter release is cause for celebration amongst hard-core gamers.  Food Chain Magnate is swiftly proving to be one of their most popular designs.  Ben Baldanza takes us on a tour of this world of becoming a food chain magnate.

The Gallerist:  Dive into the cutthroat world of art.  Most of us simply enjoy gazing at and studying the artwork as it is displayed in galleries.  Behind the scenes, however, is a darker, more vicious world of obtaining fine art.  Stuart Dagger explains the perils and profits of this hidden world.

Kraftwagen:  Seems there are more and more games about producing automobiles.  Does Kraftwagen from Matthias Cramer rise above the rest, or is it destined to go the way of the Studebaker?  Ben Baldanza renders his verdict.

Mombasa:  The period of exploration and pillaging of the African continent was certainly a dark era for western civilization.  Still, it provides an exciting backdrop for this excellent game by award-winning designer Alexander Pfister.  Find out why this is one of the best games of the year.

Nippon:  What’s Your Game? has been publishing outstanding games over the past several years, and Nippon is the latest in this line.  Simmy Peerutin explains how the game fits well into this series of deep games.

Thunrderbirds:  Matt Leacock is world-renown for his outstanding games in the Pandemic series, including the amazing Pandemic: Legacy.  Thunderbirds, based on the popular British television series, is his latest cooperative game, and it is receiving rave reviews.  Simon Neale tells us if it really is “all that”.

Trickerion:  Now here’s a theme that hasn’t been over-used:  magicians!  Ben Baldanza takes us on a journey into the fascinating and mysterious world of the magician as he reviews Trickerion.

There are numerous other great articles, including:

Agreements are not Binding:  Derek Carver rails against games that allow deals to be broken, explaining why that they are fatal flaws.

Random in the Abstract:  Dr. Mitchell Thomashow showcases three abstract games, diving into their mechanisms and whey they work well … or don’t.

You Only Game Once:  Eric Edens dives deep into the world of “one-time-only” games, including Pandemic: Legacy, T.I.M.E. Stories and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.  Are these games fundamentally flawed for reasons other than their “one-time-only” feature?  Check out Eric’s assessment.

History of Climbing Games:  Chris Wray gives an in-depth study of the history of the “Climbing Games” genre.  Very detailed and informative.

These are just a few of the many articles and nearly two dozen reviews that are included in Issue 72 of Counter.  Intrigued?  Then make sure you visit the BoardGameGeek store and download Issue #72.

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