No Friday part 2 from Essen 

Walked around the halls for an hour.  My back is starting to get fired up so an early trip back to the hotel to drop off a load of games 

Walked back to the show with Eric Lang,  who is always full of funny stories. It sounds like he is working on a game that “is like Chess, but good” . Which is more likely just a way to get me to leave him alone. :) 

The first Fairplay sheet is up. Still no rankings 

And its very crowded for a Friday. Here is an example of one booth, IELLO at 1105. 

David parlett is in the house 

Jay Cormier standing alone 

Had a nice meeting with Pretzel Games.  I’m pretty excited about the plastic version of Flick em Up. $35 msrp, and the box is filled with bits – same quantity as in the wood version.  The plastic may actually Flick and topple better. Now I will await plastic Junkart. 
A new food to me. Kurtos kalacs. A Hungarian rolled pastry. Here it is in the oven. 

It’s like a cinnamon roll without the frosting. Yum. 

Now at 1pm, the International Gamers Awards takes over the BGG booths.  As a new jury member, this is the first time I’ve helped in the awarding.  

A bit hard to read. They’re still all wrapped up.  

Made a new potato convert this year. 

Clue: 1, yummy

Addendum. Look at the line! 

Gotta get there early 

Ok gotta go back to the room for a while to repack and see what the space situation is

Until your next appointment 

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  1. xitoliv says:

    Excellent. Definitely eating that Kurtos kalacs if I ever make it over. Just a few more items till a whole spiral-themed food day is possible.

  2. LOL, I like the “I heart Boobies” lanyard!

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