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Issue #75 (February 2017) is now available for download from the BoardGameGeek store:…/counter-magazine-issue-75-j…

Issue #75 is our LARGEST issue ever, with over 130 pages of reviews, articles, commentary, discussion and more…all in full color! You don’t want to miss the special look / preview of Douglas Morse’s new tabletop photo book “Wizards of the Tabletop.” It is a must read for any gamer.

So, what is included in this issue? The following is just a brief overview of the 27 reviews reviews and a nearly a dozen articles included in Issue #75.


Chariot Race: Get on your chariots and ride! Matt Leacock of Pandemic fame now moves to ancient Rome and the grand spectacle of the Circus Maximus. Can you survive the attacks of your opponents and win the favor of Caesar? Ben Baldanza gives us the blow-by-blow account.

Continental Divide: Winsome Games is known for its fine and challenging train-themed games. Eagle-Gryphon Games has teamed with Winsome to release Continental Divide. The game is a derivative of previous titles such as Wabash Cannonball and Chicago Express. As the name implies, it concentrates on the race to construct rail lines to the West Coast in the mid 19th century. Greg Schloesser lets us know if the effort to reach the West Coast is worth it.

Evolution: Climate: Evolution was a big hit for Northstar Games. Now, the Climate expansion makes surviving even more challenging. Dr. Mitchell Thomashow explains how your can help your species survive in this “creature eat creature” world.

Fields of Green: Using a similar system as in Among the Stars, Fields of Green places frustrated city dwellers onto the farm. Can these city-slickers survive and build a prosperous, efficient farm? John Butitta explains whether this move to the farm was a good one.

Great Western Trail: “Head ’em up; move ’em out!” Reminiscent of the old TV series Rawhide, players must lead cattle across the country to the market in Kansas City. Along the way they can stop at various buildings to gain favors and increase the value of their cattle. Is this long cattle drive worth it, or is it just too long and dirty? Greg Schloesser gives us the scoop.

Key to the City: London: Keyflower has been one of Richard Breese’s best designs. This new game (which may well become a series) is a simplification of Keyflower, streamlining it so it plays quicker. Did the changes improve the game, or should folks just stick with the original? Stuart Dagger tells us his opinion.

Oilfield: Black gold! Set in Texas (where else?), players vie to extract and produce the valuable commodity of oil. Who will be most successful. The esteemed Paul Evans tells us what it takes to become an oil tycoon.

Oracle of Delphi: Stefan Feld is well known as a designer of highly intricate games that usually offer a myriad of ways in which to score. Oracle of Delphi, however, is quite different, being more of a race game as players rush to complete Herculean tasks. Does this departure from the norm measure up to Feld’s best games? Stuart Dagger tells us the story.

Terraforming Mars: The red planet has fascinated humans for centuries. Is there life on Mars? In this game with an eye on the future, that life will be human. Can you best help transform Mars’ bleak terrain into land where humans can survive and prosper? Dr. Steve Owen shows us how this can be done.

In addition to all of these reviews, there are nearly a dozen other articles, including:

Wizards of the Tabletop: Douglas Morse gives us an in-depth and inside look at his new book, “Wizards of the Tabletop.”

The Budding Gamer: If you have young children and are hoping to introduce them to our wonderful hobby, Ben Baldanza’s article is a must read.

Second Renaissace: Not too long ago Italy was not a major player in the board game design field. Now, however, they have come to the forefront and are known for intricate, outstanding designs. Larry Levy and Andrea Ligabue take us on a stroll through the history of board game design in Italy.

In addition to these and other articles, there are numerous convention reports on the recent Spiel in Essen.

These are just a few of the many articles and reviews that are included in Issue 75 of Counter. Intrigued? Then make sure you visit the BoardGameGeek store and download Issue #75.

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Greg Schloesser is the founder of the Westbank Gamers and co-founder of the East Tennessee Gamers. He is also a prolific reviewer of games and a regular contributor to numerous gaming publications and websites, including Counter, Knucklebones, Boardgame News, Boardgame Geek, Gamers Alliance and many others. Greg has been a gaming enthusiast his entire life, growing up in our hobby mainly on the war game side. His foray onto the internet exposed him to the wonderful world of German and European games and now nearly all of his gaming time is devoted to this area of our hobby. He travels to several gaming conventions each year and is the co-founder of Gulf Games, a regional gaming get-together held in the Southern USA. Greg was born in 1961 and lived his entire life in New Orleans before moving to East Tennessee in 2005. He is married and has one daughter (now married.)
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