Friday morning 

Slept in. Woke up to Christmas morning. Spring has most definitely not sprung in Niagara Falls 

Helped Alan putter around the game room for a bit, and then time to cross a few games off my “want to play” list. 
First up is Clank! Which is an interesting take on the deck building and monster killing games. 

Bonus points for knowing who might be wearing a shirt that has a kitten surfing on pizza. 

Next was a learning run thru Aeon’s End. We played a three player game versus Rageborne. It was dicey for awhile, but we pulled it out in the end. Having played with the soon to come expansion, I think I prefer playing with the easier Nemesis which then allows us a chance to win with a random selection of heroes and market cards. That type of puzzle is more appealing than having to create the market prior to play. 

After a new restaurant for lunch, Power City Deli, back for Kepler 3042. An interesting 3x game. As there is no extermination. In fact, there is almost no interaction at all. Other than some blocking on the map. It is one of those games with a fixed set of actions. Each game presents me with sixteen chances to screw up. 

It’s a good thing that we have all these games to play. The hotel half of the building is out of power. 
And now the rest of the afternoon will be spent teaching Millennium Blades. Will try to post more tomorrow. 
Until your next appointment. 

The gaming doctor 

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  1. Ken Hill says:

    Kepler pales in comparison to Solarius Mission which is a much better game.

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