Gen Con Mid-Day Report (Chris Wray)

I’m only at Gen Con for one day this year, so I won’t be doing my normal daily updates.  But I did want to record a brief description of the convention and what I’ve seen so far.

This is clearly the biggest Gen Con yet.  The area outside the exhibitor hall was swamped by 8:30, and it didn’t open until 10:00 am.  The convention sold out months ago (I believe this is the first-ever sell out) and it is more crowded than ever in the hall.  Everybody seems to be having fun, though, and games are flying off the shelves.

What’s Hot

I don’t see the BGG hot list (maybe they’re not doing it?), but based on walking around, I’ve seen a lot of people carrying (or talking about):

  • Cities of Splendor
  • Clank! In! Space
  • Ex Libris
  • Photosynthesis
  • Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition
  • Whistle Stop

Photosynthesis is probably the game I’ve seen carried around the most.  Clank! In! Space! is probably the game I’ve heard discussed the most.  And the Asmodee line was 30+ minutes, with most people in line seemingly there to buy Cities of Splendor.

But that’s based on all of two hours worth of (annecdotal) observations and conversations, so I think there will be changes.

What’s surprised me…

The run on the Renegade booth this morning was a sight to behold.  Renegade handled it well, and the confusion showed the best side of gamers: everybody was extremely courteous.  I went there first, and I’m glad I did.  Ex Libris was gone in seconds.  Other hot titles lasted a bit longer (like Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game or Clank! In! Space!), but it is clear that Renegade is having one of the best shows out there.

So far, they’re winning Gen Con.

My Haul So Far

Gen Con Haul.jpg


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5 Responses to Gen Con Mid-Day Report (Chris Wray)

  1. Johnny 5 says:

    Thanks for your report. I visit this site daily and thought it was about time that I chime in and say how much I appreciate your coverage.
    Your haul is quite impressive and I must say I’m pretty jealous. Renegade games is gold right now. I can’t think of a title that I have from Renegade that I have sold or that sits on my shelf without play. If you’re a fan of trick taking games there is one from Renegade for two players called The Fox in the Field and it’s so brilliant and that is not a hyperbole.
    I’m also fascinated by Restoration Games and impulsively ordered all three of three titles, Indulgence, Down Force, and Stop! Thief!
    Keep up the good work and that is for all contributors to this site. You are the first site I visit every morning. If you had a fan club, I would sign up for it.

  2. Joe says:

    Will you report further on your day at the end of the day?

  3. Johnny 5 says:

    In my earlier post I said the game from Renegade was Fox in the Field but it’s Fox in the Forest. I’m guessing you knew what I meant but I thought I would correct myself anyway.

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