Essen Day Zero


I left the halls a several hours ago for dinner and am still fairly speechless. (That’s a good time to write some things up, yes?)

Here are today’s acquisitions:

I will photo confirm that there are games in the Japon Brand booth. They were still being set up on display as I arrived and there appeared to be stock behind a curtain:

Altiplano t-shirts in case you can’t get enough of his face.

Size of this year’s advent calendar:

Um, so then I started trying to pack. First the weigh in:

Then the punching station. Also tossing inserts and foreign language rulebooks.

I always assumed that when folks talk about nesting game boxes that they mean with closed lid, but somebody suggested tonight trying open face nesting…for now I’m going with it.

Post punching weigh in:

Is that bad? I thought it would be less. Luckily Rescue Polar Bears and Altiplano are two of the heaviest on my list, and most things are lighter.

Other things I saw around the halls: here’s that 40,000 piece puzzle again…

Spiral potato, schmiral schmotato- has there always been a choco-kebab?! (Also, what is it?)

There was also a vending machine of sorts at the Repos booth that looked quite interesting, but I couldn’t get close enough to tell what it was.

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