Weds first news from Essen 

Well, setup day is always hectic. Everyone is still too busy to talk.

The Japon brand booth still empty…

The good news is that I just heard that the games were cleared thru customs so there should be a happy ending there.

Lots of companies are having to sticker their games. 

Made it to the Zoch event. Was able to eat the weisswurst correctly. Apparently the Bavarians will castigate you if you don’t peel the meat out of the casing. 

The press event was larger in square footage but it felt like fewer exhibitors.. 

Found Time Arena from Blam! An hourglass based game that was described like Clash Royale, a game that you may have played on your phone. 

Catan was there in the Game of Thrones sense

Doppel X from Schmidt. No English rules, but I’m still gonna try it

For you Benndorf fanboys, Wurfel. Blitz

Tummple. From game Factory 

A tale of Pirates. What a cool 3d ship

A lot of people missed Fold It last year 

There’s a. Magic maze expansion 

One of my favorite puzzle series has more expansions

Agra is gonna be a table hog, but a beautiful one 

No one there to explain Noria, but i want to know more 

Benndorf part deux. A new Qwixx expansion 

Charterstone is in the house 

Finally, a huge shout out to Friedemann for bringing me some of my wife’s favorite candies from Bremen. 

Only about sixteen hours until my first fried potato spiral 

Until your next appointment 

The gaming doctor 

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  1. Wouldn’t be a Dale Yu Essen update without the spiral potato! :) Man, I love this time of year! :)

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