Arnak, My City, and Falling Skies Win 2021 IGAs!

The winners of the 2021 International Gamers Award (IGA), the third of the three major gaming awards, have just been announced.  The IGAs give awards for the Best Multiplayer, Best 2-Player, and Best Solo gaming experience (with the last of these being awarded for the first time this year).  The winners are:

Multiplayer – Lost Ruins of Arnak
2-Player – My City
Solo – Under Falling Skies

Arnak had to win a tiebreaker with Hallertau in order to take its award, with Beyond the Sun a very close third.  My City beat out MicroMacro to win the 2-player award.  Falling Skies dominated its category to win easily.

Arnak and Falling Skies are both published by Czech Games Edition.  My City, designed by the legendary Reiner Knizia, is a Kosmos game.  This is Knizia’s first major game award since winning the SdJ for Keltis in 2008.

Here are the top three ranked games for each category, together with their designers.  Congratulations to the winners!

1. Lost Ruins of Arnak (Michaela Stachova, Michal Stach)
2. Hallertau (Uwe Rosenberg)
3. Beyond the Sun (Dennis Chan)

1. My City (Reiner Knizia)
2. MicroMacro: Crime City (Johannes Sich)
3. Imperium (Nigel Buckle, David Turczi)
3. Undaunted: North Africa (Trevor Benjamin, David Thompson)

1. Under Falling Skies (Tomas Uhlir)
2. Calico (Kevin Russ)
2. Sleeping Gods (Ryan Laukat)

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