Holiday Gift Guide, Part 6 – The Day Matt C. Takes over

Well, about a month ago, we (as a group) had a great idea to get a bunch of things written down and provide our readers with a nice gift giving list.  Welp, let’s just say that we didn’t get our you-know-what together…  So, instead of a big list, I have decided to just make some shorter posts with things that catch my eye (or things that I notice to be on sale).   As I make these impromptu posts, I will try to stick to things which can be delivered prior to Dec. 25 — this likely means that they are things in stock on Amazon Prime.  (All the Amazon links here are affiliate links, and the Opinionated Gamers may earn a commission if you buy from those links)

You know, some days you just want one of the other writers to step up and just fill in all the suggestions.  Matt Carlson took the challenge head on, and here’s what he recommends!

You can’t go wrong with No Thanks! as a stocking stuffer.

no thanks

The world of Pandemic is great for co-operative family gaming. (All but the dice version, ughh…)  I’d go base game or one of the two smaller (NA/Europe) versions…

Base game:


Pandemic Hot Zone North America ( )  and Pandemic Hot Zone Europe ( )  – Note that these two version can be joined together to make a mega 2 player game  (Ed Note – reviewed here)

For a nice family trivia game:  Wits & wagers its vegas baby!

(nice because it’s almost as important to know who knows the answer rather than knowing the answer itself…)


Machi Koro 2 –


A standalone sequel to the original that provides a bit more variety and IMHO a little bit smoother gameplay.  It’s like – Monopoly without the board (but faster and better, new version 2 is even more polished

Maybe Codenames?  Anything in the family is great


You can Pick an IP (Disney, Harry potter, Marvel – may not be available) or go with Duet for a 2p cooperative game…

And finally…. For early teens/tweens:

My boys love Coup –


It’s very cheap, very quick, social deduction (more or less) game…

And for my final suggestion… my eldest still pulls out King of Tokyo whenever he can…

king of tokyo dark

The new Dark Edition has some cool graphics that really catch the attention of the teenagers!

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