Holiday Gift Guide, Part 7 – Stuff to Help out at Game night

Well, about a month ago, we (as a group) had a great idea to get a bunch of things written down and provide our readers with a nice gift giving list.  Welp, let’s just say that we didn’t get our you-know-what together…  So, instead of a big list, I have decided to just make some shorter posts with things that catch my eye (or things that I notice to be on sale).   As I make these impromptu posts, I will try to stick to things which can be delivered prior to Dec. 25 — this likely means that they are things in stock on Amazon Prime.  (All the Amazon links here are affiliate links, and the Opinionated Gamers may earn a commission if you buy from those links)

You know, some days you just want to find neat stuff that gamers might like. A few non-game suggestions that came up in our discussion…

A nice poker chip set to replace those pesky paper money bills in your games (also nice if you host a monthly poker night like I do)…

My fancy set is a nice Brybelly set – similar to this – When I got mine, I was able to customize the denominations that I needed. I like the way the chips come in separate trays that can be lifted out so you can pick and choose the denominations you need. My set has huge numbers in the middle making it easy to see their worth

Of course, you might want something a bit less extravagant…

This one is a decent choice – – I like this one because it still has printed denominations on them.  If you get plain chips, then people always have to constantly try to remember what each one stands for.

And, if you’re looking for small chips – I LOVE my set from Meeplesource –


These are nice and light, and have all the denominations that you’d usually need.  I can’t find the link now, but I did find a great holder for these on Etsy once, and my set is nice and compact.

For an audio experience, you could have a Dropmix set at the end of the table… Sure, it’s actually listed as a game – but frankly, it’s not great as a game.  But it is super fun to use the game as a soundtrack creator for your game night.  When you’re not actively taking a turn, head to the Dropmix, change the cards around on the machine and hear a new track!


It’s addicting and quite fun.  I know a few of the OG members loved it and bought all the expansions, etc.    Here’s an example of one of the 30 card expansions –

Organizationally – I am still a huge fan of the Ubertrayz from Uberstax – these modular bins can be used for player pieces, supply pieces, snacks, whatever!  You can see our review of them here


Many of our other writers really like card holders.  There are a myriad of different varieties available, but these extra wide wooden ones have been a big hit.  I like the way there are multiple rows so you can arrange many cards in whatever way you want.



Of course, I can’t forget my good friends at Royal Bag – we worked together to form a collection of bags in the sizes that gamers use most ! 

I guess you can say that we officially endorse these!  You’ll get 5 different sizes of bags in large enough quantities that you won’t need to re-order for quite some time!

And while I dont’ use this stuff – I’m a rubber band guy – A bunch of the OG writers like using Hugo’s tape to hold their decks of cards together –


Supposedly removable and reusable without leaving behind any residue…

Another thing that could help is a Lazy Susan for your game table. I have found this one can hold most Eurogame boards, and this way, people can rotate the game around to see what they need, in the orientation that they can read it!


Sure, it’s meant for jigsaw puzzles, but man, it still comes in real handy for games.

And , lets not forget about lights.  The Gaming Basement (like many basements) can be a bit dark.  Even with all the lights on, sometimes you don’t get a great amount of light to read super tiny print.  We have found that these extendable lights are perfect for adding to the ends of the table when needed for that extra illumination –


Finally, you’ll need a way to carry all your games around.  There are two solutions that I have found super handy.  

First, are the great bags from –


They can be stuffed with games, they offer nice padding, and then they come with a shoulder strap or backpack straps so they can be easily toted around

The other option that I have are these collapsible crates.  They hold a bunch of games, have nice holes in the side to carry them, and they come with lids – which is super great when it’s raining or snowing.


That’s a nice list of things that a gamer might want to help them out…

Probably a few more lists to come… but we’ll see!



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