Holiday Gift Guide, Part 8 – 3 for 2 sale at Amazon!

Well, about a month ago, we (as a group) had a great idea to get a bunch of things written down and provide our readers with a nice gift giving list.  Welp, let’s just say that we didn’t get our you-know-what together…  So, instead of a big list, I have decided to just make some shorter posts with things that catch my eye (or things that I notice to be on sale).   As I make these impromptu posts, I will try to stick to things which can be delivered prior to Dec. 25 — this likely means that they are things in stock on Amazon Prime.  (All the Amazon links here are affiliate links, and the Opinionated Gamers may earn a commission if you buy from those links)

You know, some days you just want to share a good deal that you found.  This morning, I saw that there is a 3-for-2 sale (i.e. buy three things, get the cheapest one for free) at Amazon.  They don’t say how long it’s going to last, so if you’re interested, I wouldn’t sit too long on this.  Also, quantities appear to be limited on some of the games.


For the front page of the sale:

There are pages and pages and pages of games in this offer, and frankly, I haven’t found a good way to search.  But, after a good fifteen minutes of doomscrolling, I have picked out a number of games that might interest readers of our blog.  I have briefly categorized them below (and if the name of the game is highlighted, you can click on that to see our review) – so as you can see, while the list of games is quite varied, we are familiar with most of them and can definitely recommend them!


Complex Strategy Games (that happen to have OG ties)

Maglev Metro

Subdivision – 


Gateway Games

Ticket to Ride  



7 Wonders


Solid middleweight games

Pan Am


The Crew

villainous box

Thematic Family Fun


Funkoverse Game of Thrones

Kodama Forest

Uno Flip! Marvel   –

Minecraft – Builders and Biomes


Pictionary Air  Harry Potter –


Light/Party Games

Codenames –

Sushi Go! 


Uno (Humongous size) –


Social Deduction

One Night Ultimate Werewolf




Escape Room / Puzzle Games

Escape Room The Game #3

Escape from Iron Gate

Games to ruin relationships forever (or if you just want to fight)


Memoir 44

Expansion to existing classics

Dominion: Adventures

7 Wonders Duel  Agora

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Secrets


Nice Solo Games

Under Falling Skies

For the Gamer who also reads Science Fiction

Red Rising

(buy the books here!)

Yeah, I know this is kind of just a dump of links – but I wanted to show the breadth of the games available, and get this posted before the sale ends!

Probably one or two more Gift Idea lists over the weekend

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