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I always like to take a few photos of things that catch my eye in order to present you, the reader, a brief glimpse into all that is Gen Con. This year, I was also able to see the convention in a new way, as I brought my two boys, my friend, and his two boys to the convention for the first time. We spent a great Sunday looking over things. Many, many trips to the dice vendors and we only got seriously lost (from each other) once. Lets here it for the CoolStuff, Inc booth as it was centrally located and had a very visible banner – great for a “lost” meeting place.

We’ll start off with a journey through the show through the eyes of a newcomer.

The Horde waiting to enter in the morning.

Bigfoot at the BIGFOOT game booth – yes you need to capitalize it.
Always a balloon animal awaiting you at the Exhibit Hall entrance. No this is not one of those balloon sculptures you can wear on your head…
There was a competition to see how quickly you could build an exact duplicate Twilight Imperium board of a small one on display. I have to admit we did rather well – it helps to have 5 people working.
Take a walk through the Matix! There’s a glass panel on the other side so you can see the lights “overlaid” onto the rest of the hall.
Cats! Must, Stop, and, Take, Photo…

The boys were facinated with all the gaming (especially RPG) “bling” available for purchase. However, there was almost always considerable sticker-shock. Don’t think their savings were going to handle most purchases. Here, we have a “really cool” dice tower by Elderwood Academy.
Not even a game or game accessory, but the spinney-thing he purchased garnered the most comments.
You didn’t know there was also an “escalator dexterity game” at the convention. Now you do.
Our last game of the day was a round of King of Tokyo. In an unusual turn, it was won on stars, not elimination. In a not-unusual way, it was won by my oldest.

An excellent juggler comedian rounded out our show as we left.

Now, a few odds and ends I discovered on my own.

More glamor shots of Snap Ships.

Game accessories available by Gamegenic. Specializing mostly in CCGs, they’re starting a line of special, interlocking bits boxes.

More Gamegenic, this time a futuristic dice tower that would work great in my house (no, really!)
Plushes for everyone! As long as its shaped like a ball.

The Five Wits… purveyor of fine wigs…

Smell you later! Scented options for added immersion in your next RPG adventure. (Yes, there’s really a “Horse Stables” option… I checked it out and its not bad, like a barn without any manure around.)

Do your eyes hurt yet? ‘Nuff Said.

This little guy outside was always happy to wave goodbye as you left the building.
Hah! Tricked you with the splash image. This is actually what awaited us when we returned home.

See you all next year!

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