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Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2021 – Digital Game Tables

Back in the early Noughties (00’s) videogaming was a large portion of the Gen Con convention.  Several of the “big names” would show up and show off their fare in quite elaborate booths.  The digital size of things has trailed … Continue reading

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New Boardgame Bling – Pixels LED Dice

Deluxified versions of popular games continue to appear on Kickstarter, if there weren’t already deluxified versions in the original campaign.  In the wider web, gamers can pick up all sorts of accessories for their games like packing inserts, metal coins, … Continue reading

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Fast Forward: Fortune (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer: Friedemann Friese Publisher: 2F-Spiele, Stronghold Games Players: 3 – 5 Ages: 10 and Up Time: 15 Minutes Times Played: > 20 (On Review Copy from Publisher) Fortune is the fourth game in the Fast Forward series by Friedemann Friese. … Continue reading

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