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Chris’s Gathering: Monday

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were about non-stop gaming, mostly of released titles, but today I made a point of playing several prototypes and playing with several different groups. As I did for the past couple of days, here’s my summary … Continue reading

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Essen Day Four: A Summary of Spiel 2016, What Was Hot, and What I Played (Chris Wray)

Spiel 2016 is in the history books!  By this afternoon the halls were emptying out, and the fair was drawing to an end. This posts covers four topics: (1) my general thoughts on Essen 2016, including publishers/designers that stood out, (2) … Continue reading

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Essen Day One: The Convention So Far, Plus the Morning Haul (Chris Wray)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so this will be a short post, mostly to update on what is hot so far at the convention.  I also crack open the 2016 DSP Goodie Box below. By 10:30, the convention … Continue reading

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Design by Ted Alspach & Friedemann Friese Published by Bezier Games 2 – 6 Players, 30 minutes Review by Greg J. Schloesser Trivia games still remain popular, although probably not quite as much as when the Trivial Pursuit craze struck … Continue reading

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Funkenschlag at Fifteen: The Story of Power Grid

Game History by Chris Wray   This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Funkenschlag, the first forerunner of Power Grid.  In a hobby that is often defined by the “cult of the new,” Power Grid (which is still called Funkenschlag … Continue reading

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Review of Terra by Friedemann Friese

  Designer:  Friedemann Friese Publishers: Bezier Games, HUCH! & Friends, Others Players: 2 – 6 Ages: 10 + Time: 45 Minutes Times Played: > 5     Back in 2008, Friedemann Friese (504, Power Grid) released Fauna, an animal-themed trivia … Continue reading

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The Art of Design: Interviews to Game Designers #12 – Friedemann Friese

In this interview I’m going to ask about art and design to Friedemann Friese, a designer that absolutely is trying to characterize his games with a common style and mark. Green and F are not the only things common in … Continue reading

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Review: Fürstenfeld

Fürstenfeld Designer: Friedemann Friese Publisher: 2F Spiele / Rio Grande Games Players: 2-5 Playing Time: 45 Minutes —– The Game Friedemann Friese has designed a wide variety of games, from party games to heavy economic games, and as a result … Continue reading

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