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Return to the Core Worlds: Empires and Nemesis

Once you’ve conquered the core worlds… what happens next? “Winning is easy; governing is harder.” No, No, Not Yet Butch: [Walks back, and Harvey tenses to begin the fight] No, no, not yet. Not until me and Harvey get the … Continue reading

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Feed the Kraken (Game Preview by Chris Wray)

Designer:  Maikel Cheney, Dr. Hans Höh, Tobias Immich Publisher:  Funtails Artists: Hendrik Noack, James Churchill Players:  5-11 Ages:  12 and Up Time:  45-90 Minutes Feed the Kraken is a big box social deduction game that is launching on Kickstarter tomorrow.  … Continue reading

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An Interview with Chad DeShon of BoardGameTables.com

Series Note: This is the first in a series of interviews I’m doing with publishers and designers. With many game conventions cancelled, and the number of new releases already declining, I’m asking questions about what is coming out in the … Continue reading

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8 Bit Attack

  DESIGNER: Lincoln Petersen PUBLISHER: Petersen Games PLAYERS: 2-5 AGES: 10 and up TIME: 20- 60 minutes TIMES PLAYED: 2, with a review copy I received at no cost I thought I hated cooperative games after the first few times … Continue reading

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Lots: A Competitive Tower Building Game (Game Preview and Review by Brandon Kempf)

Designer: Zachary Connelly Artist: Claire Donaldson Publisher: Royal N. Games Players: 1-4 Play Time: 20-30 minutes Times Played: 5 Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Lots A Competitive Tower Building Game from the publisher in order to preview … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Game On! Travel Coins

Many boardgamers spruce up their games with additional bits and do-dads that improve the look and feel of a game to improve the gaming experience.  One common improvement is to replace paper or cardboard versions of coins/points/money. Some gamers will … Continue reading

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