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My Mind is Boggled: Which Edition of Boggle Should I Keep?

I own two versions of the word game Boggle, one from 1977 and the other from 2003. While continuing to whittle down my game collection to a more reasonable size (it once topped 1,000 games) and after consulting with my … Continue reading

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Letter Jam (Game Review by Brandon Kempf)

Designers: Ondra Skoupý Artist: N/A Publisher: Czech Games Edition Players: 2-6 players Time: 30-60 Minutes Times Played: 5 “Be careful with your clues, we might just end up with a Better Ham” Word games hit a really odd spot in … Continue reading

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Wordsy (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer:  Gil Hova Publisher:  Formal Ferret Games Players:  1 – 6 Ages:  10 and Up Time:  20 Minutes Times Played:   > 7 (with 2-4 Players) I first played Wordsy at Geekway to the West, and it was one of the … Continue reading

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