Toys for Tots campaign

Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games has launched a program that will donate games to children through the Toys for Tots program.  I think this is a fantastic idea, which is why I’m helping promote it.  It is fast, easy and costs you absolutely nothing!  How can you help?

Go to Facebook and simply click the “Like” button for this effort.  Here is the URL:

For every 1,000 fans (past 1,000 since that is the starting level), Tasty Minstrel will give away $500 worth of games to children through Toys for Tots.

This will be at thresholds of 1,000 and will max out at 10,000 fans.

So, if Tasty Minstrel Games gets up to 10,000 fans, then that will be $5,000 worth of games.  If it gets up to 7,000 fans, then that is $3,500 worth of games, and so forth.

Please take a moment to visit the URL posted above and click the “Like” button.  It is that easy.

Thank you for your support of this most worthy cause!

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