Time for the Golden oldies

Brian has never played Don. So we broke out this oldie. Speaking of oldies, chatting here with other grizzled OG/GoF veterans: Craig Massey and Dan Blum. Well And Jennifer Geske. But I’m not calling her old.

Dinner tonight was hot dogs. Char-grilled over real charcoal.



Yummy hot sauce!

Dessert was across the street. Umm. Donuts


After dinner, time to start teaching my games. Gib Gas seems to be getting a decent reception. Well, at least no one has left in the middle of the game yet. ;)

At this point, I’d say there are 50ish people here, but only 20 in the ballroom. A bunch of folks helped fill all the goodie bags. Can’t wait to see what is inside them!

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5 Responses to Time for the Golden oldies

  1. shigadeyo says:

    Wow, go for the games, but stay for the hot dogs… They look mighty tasty!

  2. Jacob says:

    Did you get a picture of the doughnuts? I’d like to see them!

  3. Jacob says:

    Food pics help make great memories!

  4. DLE says:

    You read stuff like this, it explains all the XXXL t-shirts in geekdom.

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