Tuesday setup at the messe.

Tuesday is the first real setup day


Here is the bgg booth. Still working on the camera setup.

I’m also trying out the posting on the fly.

First game played at Essen in the hall: Spellcaster by R&R

One bit of bad news. My favorite pizza place is closed for the week.


One piece of good news – both brian and I were able to find our games for sale in the store


Until your next appointment,
The gaming doctor

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6 Responses to Tuesday setup at the messe.

  1. so excited for this years fair!

  2. Love the updates Dale. Sorry to hear your favorite pizza place is closed, bad timing! Appreciate seeing this side of the fair!

    • Dale Yu says:

      thanks. it’s nice to hear that you like the posts. Sorry about the blank ones during the week. At least I figured out why they were blank to avoid that next year!

  3. What did you think of Spellcaster?

  4. jeffinberlin says:

    Glad you could find your games! I’ve had difficulty finding either of them in department and toy stores in Berlin, although I finally visited a store that had fresh copies. I thought it was odd for Mattel to take so long to get the GGS game to stores after it’s SdJ win.

  5. jeffinberlin says:

    That’s Kinder SdJ, of course!

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