Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collectors Edition coming to KS next month!

We hope that everyone is in the middle of a nice relaxing holiday weekend! In case you hadn’t seen this announcement earlier in the week:

That’s right – following the giant success of the Suburbia Collectors Edition, Bezier Games is giving the same deluxe production to another of their biggest hits, Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

Full Disclaimer – the folks behind this great game are members of the Opinionated Gamers, so clearly we’re super excited and a little partial to this project. We’ve always been proud of our gaming babies here, such as: Loot of Lima, How to Host a Game Night, Caravan, New Haven, Gunkimono, Flizz and Miez, Subdivision, New York Slice, Battle Beyond Space, Fistful of Penguins, Control Nut, First Monday in October, Body Party, Roll for the Galaxy, and many many more…

For now, there isn’t much information available: “Fantastic new art, premium components, 2 new expansions, GameTrayz™, and more!”

I have it on good authority though that the game will get the same great production as the Suburbia Collectors Edition did. Honestly, the prototype pieces (homemade by Bezier Games) were amazing, and the mockups of the final pieces look even better! I wish I could tell you more but Ted would kill me.

In case you hadn’t seen the new Suburbia CE – here is a picture of the new market and tile dispenser – a definite upgrade from the original plain flat 2d cardboard triangle…

Just imagine what we can come up with when there are Castles involved! More details in a few weeks….

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  1. ianthecool says:

    Wow, very cool. I did get the Suburbia collectors edition and I think its great. I’m not sure if I’ll take the leap for Castles though. Is the box the same size?

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