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ZEN Tiles Solo

I’m not good at talking about my emotions and have never gotten the hang of meditating. That’s why I bought this game and why I’m sharing it with you on January One. I’m reminded of one of my first visits … Continue reading

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マストフォローソリティア (Follow-the-Suit Solitaire)

Designer: rikkati (りかち)Players: 1Times Played: 14EN Rules: Google Drive PDF In January 2019, my friend kumagoro held an exhibition titled これはトリテなのか (Is this a trick-taking game?).  Designers submitted games that pushed the boundary of what could be considered both a … Continue reading

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悪霊退治 (Demon Extermination)

Designer: るりるり (ruri ruri)Artist: るりるり (ruri ruri)Publisher: るりるりゲームズ (ruri ruri games)Players: 1Times Played: 7 on a purchased copy As I explore my unplayed るりるりゲームズ (ruri ruri games) titles, working on translations and adding games to the boardgamegeek database, I remembered … Continue reading

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Fish, Farewell, Forever

Designer: PawnArtist: Reiko Ohba   Publisher: bouken (Adventure Planning Service)Players: 1Ages: 15Playing Time: 15 minutesTimes Played: 11 with a review copy bouken, the publisher of Fish, Farewell, Forever, is not well known, but in the circles it is known, it is known … Continue reading

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Six-Suit Solitaire and Solitaire for Two

Design by:  Joli Quentin Kansil Published by:  Gryphon Games 1 – 2 Players, 30 minutes Review by:  Greg J. Schloesser Solitaire (also known as Klondike) is one of the best-known and widely played card games in the entire world.  Why … Continue reading

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