Five & Dime 2011: Fresh Faces

These are games that appeared on the Five & Dime lists for the first time in 2011… in some cases, they may be older games that just hadn’t reached a particular play threshold.

Game Score Percentage
Quarriors! 395 16.99%
King of Tokyo 220 9.48%
Kingdom Builder 195 9.48%
The Castles of Burgundy 180 8.50%
A Few Acres of Snow 115 5.88%
Elder Sign 85 3.92%
Nightfall 85 3.92%
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork 75 4.58%
Airlines Europe 75 4.25%
Martian Dice 75 4.25%
Flash Point: Fire Rescue 70 3.59%
Yggdrasil 70 3.59%
Mr. Jack Pocket 70 2.27%
Pantheon 70 2.27%
Rune Age 70 2.27%

Just missed at 3.59% (but with a 65 “score”): Black Friday

For those who wonder, I don’t count prototype plays for figuring out whether or not a game belongs on the “Fresh Faces” list, only published plays.

Finally, some other new games of interest and where they landed:

Merchants & Marauders 55 2.94%
Blood Bowl: Team Manager 45 2.29%
Power Grid: The First Sparks 25 1.63%

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2 Responses to Five & Dime 2011: Fresh Faces

  1. Ben (chally) says:

    Surprising. Among such distinguished gamers, I was expecting my favorite game of 2011–Vanuatu–to make a better showing. It is not groundbreaking by any means, but, at the very least, I thought it would be more popular with this crowd than games like Pantheon or First Sparks (and I figured availability would not be an issue with the OGs, like it might be with the general public).

    • I think that availability probably IS a big issue here – the Five & Dime “results” come from a large group of folks (300+ this year). At the same time, what I’ve heard about the game has been extremely polarized (love or hate) and that doesn’t usually bode well for a game on the Five & Dime lists.

      Vanuatu had a 0.33% showing this year… one player played it 5+ times.

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