OG 2013 – What You Missed

There’s been a lot of great content posted on the OG in the past year, so we just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the most viewed articles in case you missed them the first time around.  Here’s a list of the 15 most viewed posts in 2013 so you can check out anything you might have missed the first time around from this wide array of content.

15) Ben McJunkin: Archipelago Review – This review from March 2013 tells you why Ben, and only Ben, absolutely loves Archipelago.

14) Jonathan Franklin: Village Review – An oldie but a goodie, this 2012 review of Kennerspiel-winner Village was the fourteenth most read post in 2013.

13) Larry Levy: 2012 Designer of the Year Award – Every year since the dawn of time Larry has used his almost patentable selection process to crown the designer of the year; check out whom he picked last year.

12) Nathan Beeler: Kingdom Builder Review – This 2011 review of Vaccarino’s other game is still going strong two years later, so check out this review in which a remarkable eleven other OGers also weighed in.

11) Dale Yu: Report from the Gathering of Friends, Day 4, Part 2 – For some reason, this particular installment of Dale’s Gathering report was particularly popular.  It could have been the previews of Rampage and Russian Railroads, or it might have been the photos of his lunch.

10) Matt Carlson: Lords of Waterdeep Review – Worker placement plus Dungeons & Dragons, who could resist?  Well, the OGers were split on this title so you’ll have to see for yourself.

9) Tom Rosen: Essen 2013, 4 Months Out – Tallying up GeekLists to predict the most popular Essen games far in advance… not as reliable as you might think, but maybe more entertaining.

8) Tom Rosen: The Kramer Exception – Turns out the Spiel des Jahres is as controversial as ever.  Check out this article, if only for the 23 comments strongly disagreeing with it.

7) Matt Carlson: Gencon 2013 in Photos – If you’re tired of reading so many words, then take this annotated photographic tour of Gencon and look at all the pretty games.

6) Mark Jackson: Forbidden Desert Review – One of the most popular reviews on the OG in 2013 now has a Penny Arcade comic about the game too.  Make sure to read to the end of the review for a special treat.

5) Dale Yu: Essen Preview of the new games from Lookout Games – Lookout is a perennial favorite of gamers and Dale got the early scoop on their new titles, which nabbed this article the number five spot.

4) Larry Levy: Review of 7 Wonders, Believe the Hype – The fourth most read post on OG in 2013 was this 2011 review of 7 Wonders.  I guess the hype lives on.

3) Ted Alspach: Professional-looking Prototype Creation – Ted’s master class on creating board game prototypes that look professional is a must-read for any aspiring designers out there.

2) Andrea “Liga” Ligabue: Mage Knight Review – A clear recipe for success: Step One) Have the iconic Vlaada Chvatil design an epic new game; Step Two) Write a great review of that game; Step Three) Win.

1) Lorna: First Impressions, More on Japan’s Mini-games – In case you needed further proof that Japan’s minimalist games were taking over and that Bruno Faidutti is right, this overview of Japanese games was the most read thing on the OG in 2013.

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2 Responses to OG 2013 – What You Missed

  1. Dale Yu says:

    I should start posting pictures of my lunch every week

  2. Bob Scherer-Hoock says:

    It’s not only Ben who loves Archipelago. I was on the fence about investing any time in the game prior to reading his review last year, but his enthusiasm and understanding of the game tipped the scales for me. I bought the game, have played it (often terribly) several times, and I really believe it is one of the deeper, more unique, and special games around. Is it perfect? No. Is it for everyone? Also no. What game is? But for me, thanks to that review, it’s become a favorite and a keeper.
    P.S. Anyone who wants to try to let another review of Archipelago convince them should check out the Shut Up and Sit Down duo’s video review: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/blog/post/review-archipelago/

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