Nominees for 2014 Meeples Choice Awards

Well, we’ve completed the first stage of voting for the Meeples Choice Awards on the Spielfrieks User Group ( and have come up with 26 excellent nominees for the award.  Now, everyone picks their three favorites of the group and the top three games will be the winners.  The results will be announced at the end of next week.

Here are the nominated games, in alphabetical order:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Dead of Winter
Fields of Arle
Five Tribes
Imperial Settlers
La Granja
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Port Royal
Roll for the Galaxy
Star Realms
Star Wars: Imperial Assault
The Golden Ages
Xia: Legends of a Drift System

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3 Responses to Nominees for 2014 Meeples Choice Awards

  1. I knew most of my top 10 wouldn’t make it, but I’m particularly sad not to see Wir Sind Das Volk there. I think it is a genuine masterpiece, but no doubt not played by many of the voters.

    • Joe Huber says:

      FWIW, while I didn’t vote for it, I had at least played it and intentionally didn’t select it. Of the ten games I did vote for, only one made the nominee list. The surprise is that even one made the list…

  2. huzonfirst says:

    It got some support, Martin, but finished 3 votes shy of joining the nominated games, so yeah, not all that close.

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