Tuesday demo notes

One more short post

Here’s proof that I’m here


Looks like you’re going to be able to play T. I. M. E stories, but you have to sit in a fishbowl so people can only see you and not hear any spoilers.  No idea yet whether you’ll actually play the starting scenario or if there is a special Essen setup.


Also, ran into Henning from 2f who described how 504 would be demoed.  Three tables in the booth, each with a fixed setup. All 9 modules will be available in some form. The weight is about 2600 grams, but henning assures me that I can shed 500 grams by punching the bits out first. 

The first day of Essen is also always filled with hugs



And let’s not forget about my love of the fried potato spiral. Sadly, I couldn’t talk her into to firing up the oil a day early.


Then off to downtown for some shopping.. Found some chocolate


And a huge bag of tobacco.


Here is our Essen king Ludwig business meeting.


We don’t really like each other this much. This was photoshopped. Or we were really happy to see our doner pizza.

And it wouldn’t be a full meal without some Eis, Zitrone flavored natch

That’s probably about it. Anyways, I’m near my 100mb limit for the day on my prepaid card.

Going to find some grub. Play Rome and maybe the grizzled.  Then drink two beers to get sleepy and try to finally beat jetlag.

As a final note, I’m not sure how much I will be posting from the show itself once it starts for me tomorrow. I do not have the energy to do that and see everything.

Furthermore, I don’t want to compete with Frank Kulkmann, a friend an Essen local who writes the best stuff as the fair happens. .

Let me copy his email announcing the start of his coverage for spiel 2015.

Dear friends and colleagues,

the SPIEL convention is just around the corner, and once again you will find daily reports from the SPIEL on Kulkmann’s G@mebox!

Like every year, warm-up for the event has begun today, and you might wish to visit and bookmark this year’s page:

Please help to spread the word!

See you at the SPIEL!

Until your next appointment.
The gaming doctor

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  1. Fraser says:

    Mmm, that doner pizza looks good!

  2. Jacob Lee says:

    As much as I love reading everything you post you shouldn’t let that detract from your experience. I like food photos! I hope you get to check out Ships by Martin Wallace. That’s one title I’m looking forward to reading about.

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