Counter Magazine Issue #78 now available

Issue #78 (January 2018) is now available for download from the BoardGameGeek store:

Counter Magazine

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After a nearly 20 year run, the time has come for Counter magazine to retire.  Issue #78 will be our FINAL issue.  You can read more about it in the Editorial section.

Issue #78 is jam-packed with over 110 pages of reviews, articles, commentary, discussion and more…all in full color!  You don’t want to miss the over 30 reviews, or any of the outstanding articles and convention reports that cover the best of the Spiel in Essen and GenCon.

Here is a peek at the brilliant cover designed by Timothy Weaver and featuring the outstanding artwork from The Colonists:

So, what is included in this issue?  The following is just a brief overview of the 30+ reviews and some truly amazing articles.


Alien Artifacts:  Portal Games is developing quite the reputation for producing highly strategic and engaging games. Alien Artifacts continues that tradition as it is filled with tough choices and detailed strategy.  Dr. Steve Owen discusses the game.

Azul:  This was one of the most popular games at the recent Spiel in Essen.  While it is easy enough for families, it has some very tough choices and requires careful planning.

Barenpark:  Gamers are always seeking games that serve as good entry-points for folks not familiar with the hobby.  Barenpark fits this bill quite nicely.  It is a fun and engaging tile-laying game with some clever mechanisms.

Colony:  Dice are at the heart of this collaboration between experienced designers Ted Alspach, Toryo Hojo and Yoshihisa Natatsu.  Players will need to carefully plan their actions, using dice to acquire more upgrades to their post-apocalyptic city.

Dokmus:  Ben Baldanza takes us on a tour through this intriguing game that is a “well-designed placement game with some very clever positioning opportunities.”  This has been a surprise hit for many.  Find out why!

The Expanse Board Game:  Board games based on television series are usually, well, disappointing.  Not so here.  Kevin Bender dives deep and tells why The Expanse Board Game truly is stellar.

Gloomhaven:  Not just another “dungeon crawl”, but rather a true revolution in the genre. Gloomhaven has taken the gaming world by storm.  Alan How tells us why this is perhaps one of the genre’s best.

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire:  Set in the world of gangsters and mafia henchmen, this fun and exciting game recreates the world of organized crime and “offers you can’t refuse!”  Alex Bardy gives us the scoop on the underworld.

LYNGK:  Kris Burm in renown for his outstanding “GIPF” series of strategic abstract games.  Many thought the series was finished years ago, but now we have a new entry.  Dr. Mitchell Thomashow tells us why this is a fine new addition to the acclaimed series.

The Quest for El Dorado:  Gamers have been clamoring for Dr. Reiner Knizia to return to his days of designing more strategic fare.  Many consider El Dorado to be a big step back in that direction. Find out if this game brings the doctor back to his roots.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service:  A lot of buzz has been generated about this “Mad Max” style game set in a post apocalyptic world.  Alex Bardy explains that while it may have a decidedly American-style theme, the game uses very strong European mechanisms…and is quite good!

In addition to all of these reviews and numerous convention reports, there are several other articles…over 110 pages in total!

These are just a few of the many articles and reviews that are included in Issue 78 of Counter.  Intrigued?  Then make sure you visit the BoardGameGeek store and download Issue #78.  It is only $5!

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Greg Schloesser is the founder of the Westbank Gamers and co-founder of the East Tennessee Gamers. He is also a prolific reviewer of games and a regular contributor to numerous gaming publications and websites, including Counter, Knucklebones, Boardgame News, Boardgame Geek, Gamers Alliance and many others. Greg has been a gaming enthusiast his entire life, growing up in our hobby mainly on the war game side. His foray onto the internet exposed him to the wonderful world of German and European games and now nearly all of his gaming time is devoted to this area of our hobby. He travels to several gaming conventions each year and is the co-founder of Gulf Games, a regional gaming get-together held in the Southern USA. Greg was born in 1961 and lived his entire life in New Orleans before moving to East Tennessee in 2005. He is married and has one daughter (now married.)
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  1. @mangozoid says:

    So gutted when I heard this news, but (a) the magazine was an institution, (b) the knowledge and gaming expertise of the authors was always awesome to read, and (c) I’m flattered to have been a contributor in the final issue.

    Thanks to all and sundry, especially Greg, for their brilliant efforts every single issue.


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