Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 3 – Proud Parent Day

Well, about a month ago, we (as a group) had a great idea to get a bunch of things written down and provide our readers with a nice gift giving list.  Welp, let’s just say that we didn’t get our you-know-what together…  So, instead of a big list, I have decided to just make some shorter posts with things that catch my eye (or things that I notice to be on sale).   As I make these impromptu posts, I will try to stick to things which can be delivered prior to Dec. 25 — this likely means that they are things in stock on Amazon Prime.  (All the Amazon links here are affiliate links, and the Opinionated Gamers may earn a commission if you buy from those links)

You know, some days you just want to toot your own horn. We’ve got a bunch of talented gamers here on the blog, and here are some of the projects that we’ve been associated with… (All helpfully for sale and mostly available to get delivered by the holidays)… I tried to find at least one game from each OG writer that I could, but of course my memory is getting faulty these days, so my apologies to anyone I forgot along the way

Dominion – The first of the deckbuilding games, developed by Dale Yu and Valerie Putman –


Some thoughts about the game here

Blue Skies – Joe Huber’s game about getting control of airport gates in the era of Airport Deregulation

blue skies

Read our review here


Mystic Paths – a new cooperative word game from Brian Leet and Kevin Worden (our review for this is coming soon!)



Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters – This award winning game, the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2014 winner, designed by Brian Yu (who is the brother of our editor, Dale Yu) – is a great cooperative game that continues to challenge both gamers and families alike.  Get in the house, rescue the treasure and get back out!


A review of the game here.  As a footnote, this narrowly beat out a game desigened his brother, Flizz & Miez for the award.  Flizz & Miez was never published in English – but it can be found on EBay –


Roll for the Galaxy set – Designed in part by Wei-Hwa Huang – this is a dice adaptation of Race for the Galaxy, but it definitely has developed a following of its own and some people (myself included) prefer the dice version to the card original



Suburbia Collectors Edition – A huge collectors edition of this game, designed by Ted Alspach, developed by Dale Yu.  Comes with all of the expansion, and lots of great bits!



Gunkimono – A game by Jeff Allers – about controlling the battlefield in Feudal Japan (review here)



Loot of Lima – a nicely produced deduction game from Larry Levy.  You’ll burn thru your thinking caps with this one!


Dandelions and Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town Pre-Order

Keeping with the theme, there is also a Kickstarter with games curated by our own James Nathan.  These will not be ready by the end of the year, but you can still preorder them now!

Dandelions and Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town Pre-Order


Subdivision – a neighborhood building game from Lucas Hedgren (and developed by Dale Yu).  Though Rahdo is not one of our reviewers, I should mention here that Rahdo has always ranked this one highly!



Body Party – a fun physical game by W. Eric Martin.  It’s fun and zany, just what you’d expect from Cocktail Games… Not available in stores anymore – but it does come up on the BGG Marketplace occasionally…

body party

A Fistful of Penguins – a dice rolling game to collect animals, designed by Jonathan Franklin

fistful penguins

Our designer diary was published here

Aviation Tycoon – A fight to be the best investor in the high stakes airline world – designed by Ted Cheatham

Aviation tycoon

Battle Beyond Space – designed by Frank Branham – an epic space battle where you set the ships up, and then roll dice like crazy and try to blow everything up!

battle beyond space

Snowblind – Race for the Pole – developed by Simmy Peerutin.  Well this one is harder to get now as it’s out of print, but this arctic race game is available occasionally on Ebay


We reviewed it when it came out..

Hadara – A tight strategy game from a few years ago from Hans im Gluck… The English rules were translated by our own Patrick Korner.


A review from when it came out!


One of our writers, Mandy, is one of the most fervent promoters of Japanese Kickstarters – you can follow her current projects here:

And speaking of Japanese games, Rand is in the business of curating small boxes filled with Japanese games and other surprises that he sources from Japanese Game Fairs – updates posted here:


And… not least, but definitely last (because somehow I forgot Erik!) – Erik Arneson published a book earlier this year How to Host a Game Night – 

It is available in both electronic and dead tree form.

Hopefully more ideas tomorrow!

Until your next appointment,

The Gaming Doctor



Addendum. Mandy is our newest member, and while she doesn’t design nor develop, she is an ardent promoter of Japanese games. Here is her current list…

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