SPIEL 2022 – pregame Review Recap

Well, the SPIEL fair is about to start – while it officially doesn’t open until tomorrow morning; there is much to do here on Wednesday.  The organizers have a nice reception to welcome the press, and there is a special display room where publishers can show off their newest releases.  (More on this event in a later post…)

We’ve certainly been busy ourselves researching games and trying to get them played.  While the BGG preview by fellow OG writer Eric Martin is not exhaustive nor definitive; it is one of the best known resources for games coming out at the show.  When I last checked it, it had nearly 1200 games listed for SPIEL 2022…  (This year’s list seems a little wonky though because of the COVID pandemic; there are a lot of games that are making their “SPIEL debut” this year, but the game is actually older…)

Going back through our files here, it appears that we’ve played/reviewed about 5% of the games so far – below is a chart of the 60ish games which we have previously featured here on the blog.  You cal click on the game name to see the full review – and if you want to see more about the game, the booth location is listed to the right.

Game Publisher SPIEL Booth
Abyss Grimspire 2-B138
Akropolis Gigamic 3-B105
Aves Play with us design 5-L103
Barrakuda Helvetiq 3-Q122
Capital Lux 2: Generations Aporta / Giant Roc 2-B146
Cat in the Box bezier 1-E137
Catherine: Cities of the Tsarina dlp 1-D100
Coffee Traders Skellig 2-C110
Cryptid Urban Legends Osprey 1-E125
Decorum Floodgate Games 4-B103
Dulce Stronghold 2-E106
Evergreen horrible guild 3-F111
Fantasy Realms Wizkids 2-E124
Findorff 2F 3-L104
Fjords Grail 3-E102
Founders of Teotihuacan Board&Dice 2-C130
Gang of Dice Mandoo 4-A107
Guild of Merchant Explorers AEG 3-K107
Hanamikoji: Geisha’s Road EmperorS4 4-F100
Hibachi Grail 3-E102
Imperial Steam Frosted 1-D116
Inis Giant Roc 2-B146
Joraku Moaideas 4-D103
Kingdomino Origins Pegasus 3-M110
Kites Floodgate Games 4-B103
Living Forest Ludonaute 3-O120
Marvel Dice Throne Roxley 4-B104
Marvel: Remix Wizkids 2-E124
Neoville HCM Kinzel 3-J111
Next Station London HCM Kinzel 3-J111
Nirvana Korea Boardgames 4-D119
No Mercy Mandoo 4-A107
Origins Board&Dice 2-C130
Ready Set Bet AEG 3-K107
Rise & Fall Ludically 3-G107
Riverside Kobold 2-A142
San Francisco Rebel 1-B103
Sleeping Gods Keep Exploring 5-A109
Soulmates Chili Island 3-J100
Spaceship Unity Pegasus 3-M110
Super Mega Lucky Box Ravensburger 3-H110
Tekhenu Giant Roc 2-B146
Terracotta Army Board&Dice 2-C130
That Old Wallpaper AEG 3-K107
The Book of Rituals Grimspire 2-B138
The Dead Eye Pleasant Company 5-K122
Three Little Wolves POKI 4-G112
Top Ten Quiz Chili Island 3-J100
Trek 12 Lumberjacks 3-O106
Tulip Bubble Moaideas 4-D103
Twilight Inscription Fantasy Flight 1-B103
Unmatched Restoration 3-O110
Welcome to… Pegasus 3-M110
World exchangers EmperorS4 4-F100
Wormholes AEG 3-K107
Zapotec Kobold 2-A142

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