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Dad, Gamer, Science Teacher, Youth Pastor... oh and I have green hair. To see me "in action" check out Dr. Carlson's Science Theater up on Youtube...

Matt Carlson: Gencon 2019 (J-Z)

Another day, another GenCon report. Here’s the second half of my boardgame explorations. Hopefully you find something worth discovering! There are boardgames, dice, cards, and dice, (did I mention dice?) I assume at some point someone has coined it, but … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: GenCon 2019 (A to I)

GenCon has descended on Indianapolis and left again, leaving behind an empty space that so recently was filled with gamer crowds gawking at the newest game or passing cosplay costume.  Another record year saw 70,000 attendees going through 538 exhibitor … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Dragon’s Breath

It’s always a fine line to create a boardgame playable by children, but yet contains enough of a seed of strategy so that adults will also find it entertaining.  Dexterity components or memorization aspects are both popular mechanics to employ … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Honga

Honga the hungry tiger wants your time and attention.  However, you have a job to do to take care of your village.  Do you spend precious actions to placate Hongar or do you ignore the tiger and hope to accomplish … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Game On! Travel Coins

Many boardgamers spruce up their games with additional bits and do-dads that improve the look and feel of a game to improve the gaming experience.  One common improvement is to replace paper or cardboard versions of coins/points/money. Some gamers will … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Thunderstone Quest

In the first wave of deckbuilders, Thunderstone added on a fantasy/dungeon crawl theme to the mix.  About three years (and five expansions) later, a revamped (but backward compatible) Thunderstone Advance appeared.    About six more expansions, and as many years, went … Continue reading

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