POLL – What color do you prefer to play?

This is the second installment in our quest to figure out what the “average” gamer is like…

Last week, we asked about whether or not you logged your game plays. This week, it’s the simple question of – what color do you like to play?

At the conclusion of all of these polls, we’ll post the overall results!

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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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10 Responses to POLL – What color do you prefer to play?

  1. Legend Dan says:

    Always the color closest to white.

  2. Brett says:

    Legend Dan and I shouldn’t play together. That’s what I do, too.

  3. Valerie Putman says:

    For other Firefox users…it might just be me, but I had to open the poll in Internet Explorer to participate.

  4. GeekInsight says:

    I play with red. Always. I have permanent “dibs” garnered from owning just about all the games my group plays.

  5. Mike Chapel says:

    When I first started boardgaming on a regular basis years ago, I chose yellow because it seemed like the color no one else likes. The trash color.. But now the poll is showing that it’s a preferred color over all the others. No I have to fight for my precious yellow. It’s been ingrained into my psyche!

  6. Garry says:

    While I still favor blue, I’ve recently started playing with whatever color nobody else wants…in part because I found myself moving/using the wrong pieces when someone else chose blue, so I’m working on retraining myself to NOT always play blue.

  7. Larry says:

    black…although I often let the other players choose first.

  8. curtc says:

    Also black. Although I am not as slow to choose my color as Larry. :-)

  9. Anye says:

    I have a flowchart.
    If game has orange, play orange.
    If not, and game has purple, play purple.
    If not, and game has yellow, play yellow.
    Otherwise, I really don’t care.

  10. Frank Hamrick says:

    Exactly my order! Except I’l sometimes plug black in before purple IF there is a purple and a brown present (I have real problems with certain shades of purple and brown)! My real problem is with blue/green, so since purple is comprised of red/blue and brown is comprised of red/green/blue/yellow, they look alike – depending on how much yellow is in the brown mix! [Am sure you’re all fascinated! :)]
    Anyway, purple is preferred after orange, but black gets the nod if purple and brown are both present and indistinct.

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