POLL: Do you allow food/drink at the game table?

The Average Gamer Project continues on… As we’re all about wine this week – let’s consider your eating and drinking habits while gaming.  There are all sorts of things that can permanently stain games such as red wine, Cheetos dust and melted chocolate – yet snacking and gaming seem to go hand in hand for many groups.  The question for this week is whether or not you allow food on the game table!

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7 Responses to POLL: Do you allow food/drink at the game table?

  1. Amoena says:

    I do allow food, but I always make sure that it’s not anything greasy. I don’t want grease stains on my games :P

  2. Paul Sharville says:

    It’s obligatory in our gaming group. Beer and pizza are essential gaming components. But we do insist on a respectful distance from the game.

  3. David says:

    As above and so below: drinks and the less messy food stuffs allowed. Even encouraged!

  4. It depends on:

    a) who’s playing? (kids & certain gamers who shall not be named to protect the guilty are not allowed to put drinks on the table)

    b) what kind of food we’re dealing with (no greasy or potentially game-damaging foods)

  5. Jonathan D says:

    Nuts and pretzels are best. For drinks, I have wide, heavy bottom tumblers (“old fashioned”) that are hard to tip over. Here’s an example:

  6. Mike Chapel says:

    Always! How can we celebrate the merriment of Bacchus without the vino and food? The redder the wine, and greasier the pizza the better.

  7. I had a couple of gin and tonics this evening over Merchants and Maruders, Ravenloft, and a stalled Tikal game the ended up in the billiards room.

    Drinking and socializing is the fun part of gaming. Hyper competitive douchebaggery and obsessing over cleanliness during gaming is just weird.

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