Five & Dime 2010: Dimes (played 10+ times)

Game 2010 2009 2008 2007
Dominion 52.24% 59.47% 45.96% new
Race for the Galaxy 27.53% 36.39% 49.69% 10.98%
Pandemic 13.18% 23.67% 30.43% 0.00%
Roll Through the Ages 13.18% 12.43% new new
Tichu 9.65% 7.10% 14.91% 10.98%
Carcassonne 9.41% 5.33% 5.59% 11.59%
Agricola 8.47% 16.27% 38.51% 3.35%
Crokinole 8.24% 5.92% 5.59% 7.93%
Ticket To Ride 7.76% 7.99% 10.56% 13.41%
Stone Age 7.53% 5.62% 11.80% new
Innovation 7.29% 0.00% new new
7 Wonders 7.06% new new new
Hive 7.06% 5.92% 6.83% 6.40%
No Thanks/Geschenkt 6.35% 4.44% 4.97% 10.67%
Ingenious 5.88% 5.62% 6.21% 11.59%
Lost Cities 5.65% 6.80% 8.07% 10.37%
Magic: the Gathering CCG 5.65% 6.21% 3.73% ???
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer 5.41% new new new
Settlers of Catan 4.94% 4.44% 6.83% 7.01%
Forbidden Island 4.94% new new new
Battle Line/Schotten-Totten 4.94% ??? ??? 6.71%
Memoir ’44 4.94% ??? ??? ???
Small World 4.71% 10.06% new new
Thunderstone 4.71% new new new
Puerto Rico 4.71% ??? ??? ???
Coloretto 4.71% ??? ??? ???

Just out of the running (at 4.47%): Werewolf

Droppped off the table from last year:

  • Through the Ages (now 3.55%)
  • For Sale (now 2.66%)
  • Kingsburg (now 2.07%)
  • Hanging Gardens (now 0.89%)
  • Ticket to Ride: The Card Game (now 0.30%)

First, my apologies for the “???” entries – those are flaws in my record-keeping system shining through. (Translated into English: Mark’s computer with the more detailed copies of the stat sheets crashed.)

I keep predicting that No Thanks! will drop off the Dime list… and I’ve been wrong twice in a row. I’ll stop now & see if reverse psychology will work. (Of the three “perennials” I mentioned, only San Juan slipped off the list – so much for my vaunted powers of prediction.)

I’m really curious what brought Battle Line back onto the Dime list – it’s hovered around 7-8% (nickels & dimes) for the past couple of years and I can’t for the life of me figure out what bumped it back up this year.

Year after year, I attempt to call the “one year dimes” – games that get a brief flare-up of intense play but don’t hold on consistently. Last year I correctly called Space Alert, FITS & Galaxy Trucker. In 2011, I think the only one I can call for sure is Forbidden Island. (The deck-building games like Thunderstone & Ascension may lose ground on the Nickel list, but that’s not likely to happen on the Dime list.)

Magic: the Gathering stayed on this list for a 2nd year – which leads me to believe that getting a wider variety of gamer input has surfaced the wide support that M:tG still enjoys – support that was hidden when the primary respondents for the Five & Dime lists were Euro players.

I once again predicted that Dominion & Race for the Galaxy would be at the top of the list. Next year, I think these two stay in the top 5 (at least) with 7 Wonders joining them.

Last but not least – I wondered a year ago whether the “proposed big box expansion” for Small World would keep it on this list? Well, it just turned out to be a deck of cards & another race/powers expansion, but it hung around. I think it MAY drop off the Dimes list this year (even with the upcoming expansion – Mummies & Shadow Mimes, anyone?!) but it should do just fine on the Nickels list.

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2 Responses to Five & Dime 2010: Dimes (played 10+ times)

  1. Brian Leet says:

    My prediction is that iPad releases of old classics will cause significant volatility in these rankings, and some old classics to suddenly re-appear for no other apparent reason. Everyone has a different philosophy for recording those plays, but mine is that I record them when they are shared with other people (always folks I know, and not when just playing against the AI). With no way to filter this from the rankings it will be interesting to see if we can draw a correlation between IOs availability and plays logged next year.

  2. I use the same criteria, Brian – and think you may be onto something.

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