Five & Dime 2012: Most Played Games

Better late than never, folks… these are actually the results for 2012. (Yes, I know, I know… most of you can read the title. I am duly impressed.)

Game Score 2012 2011 2010 2009
Dominion 640 39.09% 50.33% 65.18% 69.82%
7 Wonders 610 42.64% 65.36% 18.59% new
Race for the Galaxy 480 28.93% 29.74% 39.29% 46.75%
Kingdom Builder 445 28.93% 9.48% ? new
King of Tokyo 380 26.40% 9.48% new new
Ticket To Ride 325 22.34% 18.30% 18.82% 21.30%
The Resistance 310 24.37% 18.63% 4.94% new
The Castles of Burgundy 270 20.30% 8.50% new new
Lords of Waterdeep 215 16.24% new new new
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 210 12.18% 9.80% 0.24% new
Friday 205 14.21% new new new
Innovation 205 12.69% 16.99% 11.76% new
Agricola 190 13.20% 15.03% 23.29% 33.43%
Can’t Stop 190 13.20% 10.13% 5.88% 6.80%
Stone Age 180 12.69% 13.73% 17.18% 17.46%
Pandemic 175 12.18% 7.84% 30.35% 43.20%
Escape: The Curse of the Temple 170 12.18% new new new
Crokinole 170 11.17% 11.76% 12.71% 10.36%
No Thanks/Geschenkt 165 12.69% 14.05% 15.53% 14.50%
Carcassonne 160 12.18% 17.97% 18.12% 15.09%
Roll Through the Ages 155 9.64% 14.05% 23.53% 23.96%
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer 150 9.14% 12.42% 7.29% new
Quarriors! 145 9.64 16.99% new new
Risk Legacy 145 9.14% ? new new
D-Day Dice 140 9.64% ? new new
The City 140 8.12% ? new new

26th place with a score of 135 & 9.14%: Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Loopin’ Louie & Lost Cities

“score” is computed by giving a game 5 points for each person playing it 5-9 times and 10 points for each person playing 10+ times

the percentage numbers for each year are the percent of respondents who reported playing the game 5+ or 10+ times

It’s year #15 – and primarily due to the Year O’Transitions I’ve had (lived in three different states, held 2 different jobs, etc.), this is coming to you way later than usually planned. That doesn’t make the data any less valid – but it does mean that we had a lot less respondents (197 this year).

Games that dropped out of the top 25 this year:

  • Tichu (now at #44)
  • Hive (now at #51)
  • Thunderstone (now at #30)
  • For Sale (now at #48)
  • Forbidden Island (now at #39)
  • Magic: The Gathering (now at #33)
  • Battleline/Schotten-Totten (now at #51)
  • Small World (now at #69)
  • Dixit (now at #39)
  • Memoir ’44  (now at #39)

We also had a game return to the top 25 after leaving – Pandemic is back (and that’s even before the new edition & expansion hit).

Four years ago, I called “jump the shark” on Carcassonne – and yet it has managed to stick around despite my dire prediction. People, this game will NOT die. It’s the T-1000 Terminator of most played Five & Dime games. I have stopped predicting its demise and simply wait for it & SkyNet to take over the world.

This last year, I predicted (with 85.6% certainty!) that Quarriors! would leave the top 25… and I was wrong. I was right (sadly) about Memoir ’44 exiting, however. And I nailed the demise of Dixit & Forbidden Island, which makes me 3 for 4 this year.

Though I think Risk Legacy is a work of genius and a pure joy to play, this was it’s one appearance in the top 25. Since the good folks behind Quarriors! seem to be heading in a new direction, I’ll predict (again) that it will drop off, as will D-Day Dice & The City.

I always list a set of “big questions for the year”… here’s the answers to the 2012 questions:

  • Q: Can The Settlers of Catan return? I think the answer is yes – but just barely.
  • A: I was wrong. Settlers landed at #51… whimper.
  • Q: What about this crop of back catalog games that are coming: Merchants of Venus, Wiz War, Netrunner, Nexus Ops, Fortress America, Ogre, etc. – will any of them crack the top 25? In short, no. (They’re all niche market games.)
  • A: I was right – none of them are here. The closest is Netrunner at #44.
  • Q: What about Kickstarter… what will be the first Kickstarter game to get here? The closest is Eminent Domain (currently at #31).
  • The answer is D-Day Dice in 24th position… though I will note that it was a very popular print-n-play game before an “official” copy was Kickstarted.
  • Q: Once again, I don’t see much movement likely in the top 25 – I’ll guess 20 returnees again this year.
  • A: Actually, there were only 16 returnees… a large new crop (including the return of Pandemic).

And here’s the questions for 2013:

  • The Kickstarter barrier has been broken – how much impact will they have on the Most Played Games list?
  • Will Dominion, 7 Wonders & Race for the Galaxy continue to dominate the top three spots? (My opinion: at least for another year – what with at least 2 of these games receiving new expansions. In the case of RftG, a LONG awaited expansion.)
  • Will Netrunner be the second LCG to break into the top 25? (My prediction: yes, but just barely.)
  • Will the number of respondents go up next year? (I sure hope so!)

In fact, what do you think about any of this? Use the comments area (and keep it clean & friendly!)

And if you’re interested in more stats, you can read the Most Played Games (26th-50th) post over on my personal blog!

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3 Responses to Five & Dime 2012: Most Played Games

  1. Jacob says:

    I have some knee-jerk reactions to this list:
    1) 2012?!
    2) How do you get so many plays out of 7 Wonders? I own it, all the expansions and I’m kind of bored of it. I only played each of the expansions once.
    3) Have the games of great (like El Grande) been completely forgotten? Games are definitely not like traditional foods that can be continually eaten over time because people are hungry for them.

  2. 1) Yep – 2012. The “normal” time for me to do the Five & Dime stuff is in early spring… during which I was [a] resigning from my church after nearly 10 years there, [b] moving to Texas, and [c] looking for a new job. By the time we got to summer, I was [a] moving to Tennessee and [b] still looking for a new job.

    Heck, I’m just excited I got to release any of the data before 2014 hit.

    2) I think 7 Wonders is a great “go-to” game when you don’t know how many players you’re going to have. The length of play doesn’t vary with the number of people at the table.

    3) I don’t think they’ve been forgotten… but the Five & Dime lists have always measured the new, the popular and they’ve leaned towards shorter games. (You’ll be interested in the Wide Angle graphs that I’ll do in the first two weeks of January 2014 over on my personal blog – it tracks some classics that no longer show up on the top lists.)

  3. Eric Brosius says:

    Thanks, Mark!

    (So, will the 2013 list be out later this week? 8-)

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