Five & Dime 2012: Dimes (played 10+ times)

Game 2012 2011 2010 2009
Dominion 25.89% 34.97% 52.24% 59.47%
Race for the Galaxy 19.80% 19.93% 27.53% 36.39%
7 Wonders 19.29% 41.83% 7.06% new
Kingdom Builder 16.24% 3.27% new new
King of Tokyo 12.18% 4.90% new new
Ticket To Ride 10.66% 9.80% 7.76% 7.99%
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 9.14% 7.19% 0.00% new
Innovation 8.12% 7.52% 7.29% 0.00%
The Castles of Burgundy 7.11% 3.27% new new
The Resistance 7.11% 11.11% 2.35% new
Friday 6.60% new new new
Agricola 6.09% 7.19% 8.47% 16.27%
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer 7.19% 5.41% new new
Can’t Stop 6.09% 3.92% ??? ???
Crokinole 6.09% 5.56% 8.24% 5.92%
Roll Through the Ages 6.09% 6.86% 13.18% 12.43%
The City 6.09% ??? new new
Lords of Waterdeep 5.58% new new new
Magic: the Gathering CCG 5.58% 5.56% 5.65% 6.21%
Pandemic 5.58% 4.58% 13.18% 23.67%
Risk Legacy 5.58% ??? new new
Stone Age 5.58% 5.88% 7.53% 5.62%
Escape: The Curse of the Temple 5.08% new new new
Love Letter 5.08% ??? new new
Quarriors! 5.08% 8.82% new new
Summoner Wars 5.08% 3.59% ??? new

Just out of the running (at 4.57%): Android: Netrunner, D-Day Dice, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Hanabi, Loopin’ Louie, Lost Cities, Memoir ’44*, Through the Ages[*indicates that it fell off the top 25 from last year]

Dropped off the table from last year:

  • Tichu (now at #44)
  • Carcassonne (now at #36)
  • Hive (now at #44)
  • Thunderstone (now at #36)
  • Forbidden Island (now at #42)
  • No Thanks (now at #36)
  • Battleline/Schotten-Totten (now at #75)
  • Memoir ’44 (now at #27)
  • Space Alert (now at #44)
  • Zombie Dice (now at #36)

First, my apologies for the “???” entries – those are flaws in my record-keeping system shining through. (Translated into English: Mark’s computer with the more detailed copies of the stat sheets crashed.)

No Thanks! finally fell… wow. That took a lot longer than I thought/predicted it would.

I didn’t do this last year, but I often try to predict “one-year wonders”… games that have an intense flare-up in play, but will fall off the top 25 dime list next year. Risk Legacy is an obvious choice (as much as I love the game), as is Quarriors! Beyond that, I don’t know. Summoner Wars edged onto the list by the slimmest of margins – but I’m guessing that the new “2nd summoner” decks + the iOS app will keep it there.

I wrote this last year: “It wasn’t much of a prediction, but I called 7 Wonders, Dominion & Race for the Galaxy at the top of the list. I’ll echo that for next year as well, by the way.” And, while I’m at it, for 2013 as well. The only one that has a chance to push one of these off is King of Tokyo, I think.

I was right about Puerto Rico being gone… and my hopes for a Small World resurgence were dashed. And, yes, I’m still in mourning about The Settlers of Catan – and that happened last year!

I fully expect Netrunner to show up here next year.

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  1. Steve Marano says:

    Isn’t this supposed to be the 2010-2013 list?

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