Five & Dime 2012: Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen

These are games that have appeared on the Five & Dime lists before… and have fallen in overall playing percentages.

Game % drop from 2011
7 Wonders -22.72%
Dominion -11.24%
Quarriors! -7.35%
Tichu -6.58%
Carcassonne -5.79%
Hansa Teutonica -5.78%
Hive -5.64%
Blokus -4.90%
Puzzle Strike -4.87%
Yomi -4.87%
Troyes -4.58%
Small World -4.55%
Roll Through the Ages -4.41%
Innovation -4.30%

Just missed: Haggis at -4.18%

Not surprised to see 7 Wonders drop… nor Dominion or Quarriors!

Carcassonne may fall some more – or it may not. It’s proven notoriously hard to predict.

It took Hansa Teutonica an extra year to get here – but it finally did. (I predicted that originally in 2011.)

Note: an important theme for this entire list… with a few exceptions, these are games in the top 25 (or top 50) of the Five & Dime Most Played list.

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