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Like most of you, I end up spending a lot of time surfing the Internets looking for things that interest me.  A lot of times, I’m lead to an interesting story because it is shared with me on social media or someone emails it to me.

There’s just so much stuff out there right now – it’s hard to know what to look at.  One of my favorite sources for game-related links is the Link Roundup on BGG which is curated by W. Eric Martin (who also happens to be one of our OG contributors too!).  Heck, a lot of those links were random things that I sent to him which he thought was interesting…

What we’d like to do is to share links with you that we think you’d like to read.  Most of them will be boardgame-related, but not necessarily all.  Hopefully with as many as 35 writers contributing links, this will have a more well-rounded feel as the curating will be done by all of us as opposed to a single viewpoint.

At this point, I’m not sure how often we will do this – a lot depends on whether the readers of the blog find it useful.  If readers would like to share their own links, please feel free to do so in the comments.  However, if you do so, please limit your comment to a single link.  If you post more than one link in a comment, the spam filter will likely trash the comment as spam!


Links for January 18. 2014

Luke: News from TMG


In a thread about the Belfort Expansion Expansion, and the woes of the Kickstarters who had not yet received their copies before it was available to purchase on Amazon, TMG owner Michael Mindes announces that these issues should become a thing of the past now that he is planning on running his own warehouse and doing his own “warehousing, fulfillment(sometimes it will be preferential to use Amazon for Kickstarter delivery still), and sales to US based distributors.”



Not directly gaming related, but this is a neat program that may help you read our blog (and others) on the go.  It’s a bookmarklet which will convert an RSS feed to an ebook format.

Mark J:

I haven’t really played with anything on the

JavaScript Board Games site… but I think it’s just incredibly cool that someone would go back & code old TV and movie tie-in games so we can play them. Granted, they probably stink (most of the ones I’ve owned over the years certainly do) but it’s still a noble endeavor. (I look forward to trying The Six Million Dollar Man: Bionic Crisis game – I remember seeing it in the store when I was a kid. And I was in love with Jamie, the Bionic Woman


Jonathan F:

A few mini-reviews from Surya – looks like he felt the same way about Nauticus that we did


There’s a humongous math trade up on BGG – USA only – hurry up and read it, the deadline for entry is Satuday 8pm PST!


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  1. Nick says:

    Link Roundup on BGG
    Where is this located on BGG ?
    Can you list a website link?

  2. Dale Yu says:


    this is the link to the general BGG News feed. Just about every post by WEM is a conglomeration of links to interesting things


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