Anonymous report – Baggie Controversy!

***Breaking News***

Founder and editor of  Bagging Monthly, Ted Alspach, has been caught breaking bagging protocols.  Our crack undercover reporter has obtained photographic evidence of  his scandalous bagging practices. In direct conflict with the  principles of his previous published works found here,

Mr. Alspach has used inferior quality bags, including  apparently recycled freezer Baggie from 2006. The incriminating evidence is below.



Mr. Alspach could not be reached for comment.


[Ed. note- Of course, the OG would not be forced to try such pathetic attempts at humor if we still had a comic strip.  Sigh.]

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3 Responses to Anonymous report – Baggie Controversy!

  1. gamingleet says:

    I’m shattered. I was just planning on finding the right size sleeves for my new copy of Ultimate Werewolf.

    But now … this.

    Can we have no true heroes anymore?

  2. Ted Alspach says:

    These allegations are entirely false. I don’t even use those inferior ziplock bags for food (I use spare 4mil bags, and they keep food fresh longer).

  3. ianthecool says:

    Disgusting. May as well just use old potato chip bags help closed with those clips. Or store expansions in pizza boxes.

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