The real first day. Thursday 

Well, it’s just around noon here. Managed to already make one trip back to the hotel. Trying something new, and I’m planning to make more frequent trips back to the hotel.
The weight will be lighter and frankly my body needs a break from the fair. It’s stifling inside. Easily 85F and you’re always shoulder to shoulder with people. 

So, I’m trying to head out every few hours to get out of the heat. My shoulders will be thankful as well.

I am happy to say that the Palace of Mad King Ludwig is moving fast. 

Looks like most of the CE sticker panic has subsided. Appears that most of the games are ok. 
Still. Cannot report for sure about Japon brand, pickup for pre-order pushed back to 1300. That’s gonna be a hellacious line.

OK. Time to get back to the fair 
More later 

Until your next appointment 

The gaming doctor 

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  1. jaxommm says:

    As far as I have heard, Renegade has had the biggest headache of all. No stock at all on Thursday, and no assurances that the stock will arrive in time for the convention.

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