Opinionated Gamer Spiel Want Lists Part 4

Craig’s Essen Watch List

Normally I would have a much longer list as we get ready for Lobster Trap, but no event means paring things down. Here are eleven games that are high on the radar in no particular order because I just couldn’t do ten.

  1. Anno 1800 – Wallace’s games are always worth trying for me. I’m pretty excited to see what this one brings to the table. 
  2. Bonfire – Feld has been hit or miss for the last several years. Fingers crossed this is on the hit side of the equation. 
  3. Paris – The last Kramer & Kiesling title flew under the radar a bit. Like Wallace & Feld, the designers alone make this a must try for me.
  4. Renature – Kramer & Kiesling again in a lighter game is a tough one to pass up. 
  5. Tawantinsuyu – I’m starting to feel that Tuczi games are more complicated than complex, but my curiosity gets the better of me and I’ll have to check this one out. 
  6. Praga Caput Regni – I don’t always like Suchy games, but when I do, I really, really like them. A lot. Such is another designer on my must try list. 
  7. Macaron – Promenade was my hit of Essen 2019 which puts Ta Te Wu on my watch list. Trick taking games are always on the watch list too. 
  8. Cloud Age – Pfister tends to be more hit than miss for me. Color me intrigued
  9. Cafe – Not sure what is making this game intriguing, but something feels like this is a good one to take a chance on. 
  10. Influentia – More trick taking. 
  11. Lost Ruins of Arnak – CGE has a pretty good track record with me. Will this use deck building in a new and interesting way? Will it be too tactical? I’m going to have to find out.

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