Nominees for 2021 Meeples Choice Awards Announced

The Meeples Choice Awards is one of the oldest annual game awards in the hobby, with winners that stretch back all the way to 1995.  Each year, three games are chosen as Meeples Choice Award winners.  The list of nominated games has just been announced.  28 games were so honored; here they are, together with their designers and publishers:

7 Wonders: Architects (Antoine Bauza) – Repos
Ark Nova (Matthias Wigge) – Feuerland
Azul: Queen’s Garden (Michael Kiesling) – Next Move
Boonlake (Alexander Pfister) – dlp games
Brian Boru (Peer Sylvester) – Osprey Games
Canvas (Jeff Chin, Andrew Nerger) – Road to Infamy Games
Cascadia (Randy Flynn) – Flatout Games
Corrosion (Stefan Bauer) – Deep Print Games
Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy (Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olotka, Greg Olotka, Jack Reda) – Gale Force Nine
For Sale Autorama (Stefan Dorra) – Eagle-Gryphon Games
Free Ride (Friedemann Friese) – 2F-Spiele
Golem (Simone Luciani, Virginio Gigli, Flaminia Brasini) – Cranio
Gutenberg (Katarzyna Cioch, Wojciech Wisniewski) – Granna
Hadrian’s Wall (Bobby Hill) – Garphill Games
Imperial Steam (Alexander Huemer) – Capstone Games
Imperium: Classics/Legends (Nigel Buckle, David Turczi) – Osprey Games
Maglev Metro (Ted Alspach) – Bezier
Meadow (Klemens Kalicki) – Rebel Studio
Mille Fiori (Reiner Knizia) – Schmidt Spiele
Rocketmen (Martin Wallace) – Phalanx
Savannah Park (Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling) – Deep Print Games
Sleeping Gods (Ryan Laukat) – Red Raven Games
So Clover! (Francois Romain) – Repos
Tabannusi (Daniele Tascini, David Spada) – Board&Dice
Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition (Jacob Fryxelius, Sydney Engelstein, Nick Little) – FryxGames
The Crew: Mission Deep Seas (Thomas Sing) – Kosmos
Whale Riders (Reiner Knizia) – Grail Games
Witchstone (Reiner Knizia, Martino Chiacchiera) – Huch!

Knizia has the most nominations (3), which gives him a remarkable 50 Meeples Choice nominated games all time. Kiesling is the only other designer with as many as two nominations.

There will now be a second round of voting and the three winners will be announced in a week.

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  1. Jacob Lee says:

    I’ve played less than half of these and I’ll probably never get to play the other half. I hope I’ve experienced the better half.

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