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As you likely know, we tend not to feature games on KS here on the blog; but there is a game which is currently in the midst of a campaign (and already funded!) which caught my eye, and I wanted to talk a bit about it.  While funding in and of itself is not a promise of completion; the company has a good track record of producing and fulfilling previous KS projects.

Plakks is a company which I have been following for awhile; they make wooden dexterity games that are sturdy and fun.  I nearly pulled the trigger on their golf game a few years ago (Pitch and Plakks), and their newest offering appears to be a festival of sports themed mini-games — something that looks like would work great here in my local group.

Olymplakks – KS link here – the campaign is already funded, and it is set to end around July 17.

I was drawn to the game by the picture of the main board which looks to use a crokinole type system of flicking discs into the center area, trying to land on a particular spot OR trying to hit/move the discs of your opponents.  In each round, the end location of your disc tells you want sort of minigame you’ll play in that round. 

olymplakks flicking

If you play an individual game and succeed, you’ll keep the card and win the points on the card (usually 10 points).  There are a few cards which instead cause a group challenge where everyone plays the same game; the winner gets to keep the group card and the 30 points on it.  All of the tasks appear to involve a different dexterity game, and as it appears that you’ll be playing different games all the time, any advantage that someone has in any particular event should be evened out.  Also, as the game selection is based on the initial flicking of rings, you can always try to push an opponent away from an event he is really good at (or try to maneuver yourself to your better events)!

plakks card

The minigames are meant to emulate different sports – and the list includes: basketball, bowling, hockey, soccer, stacking, golf, frisbee, high jump.  (It also appears that there are multiple other sports in the wings, waiting to be introduced as stretch goals).  The GIF below shows some the different events and how you play them.


Once the particular set of minigames is done, reset the main board and do it again! The game is a race to 100 points, and it looks like you’ll be challenged with all sorts of different skill tests to succeed!   The game appears to be accessible to almost all ages and abilities – with both kids and parents able to play together.

From my previous discussions with the company, I have been impressed with the environmental record.  Their games are mostly made of wood and cardboard, and when plastic needs to be used, they try to use recycled materials.  Additionally, they pledge to plant a tree for each backer in the campaign – and this particular stretch goal has nearly been met!

I’m still trying to get a copy of the golf game (thwarted by COVID among other reasons), and you can also get a copy of Pitch&Plakks as an add-on if you back this project.  I am strongly considering getting one of these as well and trying to consolidate the shipping costs – because in this current economy – all shipping costs are high!


If you’re interesting in dexterity games, this might be worth a look.  I know I’m strongly considering them right now!  The KS link is here.

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