Gen Con 2023 Master Post

OpinionatedGamers Gen Con coverage for 2023 is winding down. There’s been a lot of information sent out through the interwebs so I thought it might be useful to compile it all in a single location. There will be a large RPG report coming soon and I expect another annual “kitchen sink” of photos to cap it off. In the meantime, enjoy and visit any of the posts you missed! Drop a note below to let me know if you preferred this year’s “one post per publisher” or past years’ “mega-publisher” posts.

First, we have Chris Wray’s whirlwind visit and Dale Yu’s preview:

A Few Hours at Gen Con 2023 (Article by Chris Wray)

Games to look out for at GenCon 2023

A brief write-up of Handelabra Games’ digital lineup:

Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2022 – Digital

And then an alphabetical list by publisher (or game, if there’s only one covered) for all the rest, coverage courtesy of Matt Carlson…

Gen Con 2023 – AEG

Gen Con 2023 – Asmodee

Gen Con 2023 – Bézier Games

Gen Con 2023 – BOOoop.

Gen Con 2023 – CATAN

Gen Con 2023 – Cephalofair

Gen Con 2023 – Chip Theory Games

Gen Con 2023 – Cosmoctopus

Gen Con 2023 – Czech Games Edition

Gen Con 2023 – Dice Veggies

Gen Con 2023 – Dumb Ways to Die

Gen Con 2023 – Flat River Group

Gen Con 2023 – Flock Together

Gen Con 2023 – HABA

Gen Con 2023 – Hachette Boardgames

Gen Con 2023 – Hasbro

Gen Con 2023 – Horrible Guild

Gen Con 2023 – Invincible: The Dice Game

Gen Con 2023 – IV Studio

Gen Con 2023 – Keymaster | The Opinionated Gamers

Gen Con 2023 – Kosmos

Gen Con 2023 – Mattel

Gen Con 2023 – NorthStar Game Studio

Gen Con 2023 – Pandasaurus

Gen Con 2023 – Ravensburger

Gen Con 2023 – Renegade Game Studios

Gen Con 2023 – Restoration Games

Gen Con 2023 – Snap Ships Tactics

Gen Con 2023 – The OP

Gen Con 2023 – Tiger & Dragon

Gen Con 2023 – Wise Wizard Games

Gen Con 2023 – Wizkids

See you all next year, hope you enjoyed the ride!

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  1. Bruce Bridges says:

    While I appreciate the effort and coverage, I would have liked to see more opinions on the games in addition.

    • Good point. I was shying away from opinion when I could, since most of the time I’m simply giving a game enough time to learn (most) of the rules and how they play.

      I could consider it but would need disclaimers at the start of most of the posts at a minimum..

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