Dale Yu: Saturday Report from Essen

Business might be down this week?  It seems like most of the companies that I’ve talked to say that sales are down a bit.  This does seem in line with the feeling that the crowds are also a bit down this year.  Despite the wider hallways and whatnot, it definitely doesn’t seem as crowded.  Lots more empty spaces at demo tables, etc.  There is also a very weird non-German feel to this year’s Essen in that the start time has not been exact.  Usual German efficiency would suggest that all of the hall doors would open exactly at 10am, with all of the security folks having watches synchronized to the second.  However, the doors have been opening a few minutes early – 9:45.  The booths were not quite ready.  I saw a number of people trip over the power cords from vacuum cleaners as surprised staff members hurried to finish their preparations.

The only place with a line is heidelberger bargain bin – line starts at 9:10am filled with employee/press badges.  The line is less obtrusive this year as they are in the corner of the building

Fairplay as of Satuday morning, fresh off the printer – I found this while walking around early Saturday morning in press/setup time



I’ve done pretty well on getting most of the games on the list (well, the new ones at least)…


OK, finally time for some pictures! I think I’ve figured out the camera thing


Until your next appointment

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