International Gamers Awards – winners announced!



The International Gamers Awards committee has announced the recipients for the 2016 IGA in the General Strategy category:

mombasa-coverIn the multi-player category, the award goes to Mombasa, the creation of award winning designer Alexander Pfister and published by eggertspiele.  Rather than delving into the dark past of colonial oppression, Pfister’s design focuses on the economics of the era.  Players represent investors in the various companies who were expanding trade in Africa.  The game is a deep, challenging affair with many roads to victory…or defeat!

The award in the 2-player category goes to 7 Wonders: Duel by designers Antoine Bauza 7-wonders-duel-cover
and Bruno Cathala.  The game, published by Repos Productions, continues the empire-building theme of the award winning 7 Wonders, bringing the game’s exciting atmosphere to a 2-player format.  The game is tense and exciting, but is easy to learn and play.

The International Gamers Awards were founded in 1999 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding games, their designers, and the companies which publish them.  The awards have gained widespread acclaim and have helped bring these outstanding games to the public’s attention.

The individuals who serve on the General Strategy committee are extremely qualified, knowledgeable and respected within the gaming hobby.  Each and everyone have extensive experience in the playing, reviewing and critiquing of games.

You can learn more about the International Gamers Awards by visiting the website at:


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  1. Chris Wray says:

    These are two very deserving winners! Congratulations to the designers and publishers.

  2. Mombasa’s victory is very impressive given the quality of the nominees. It would have gotten my vote as well, but I did not predict it to win.

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