Father in the Messe 2018: day 1

Here we are, again in the Messe! This year Caterina, my daugheter, isn’t attending the Spiel (first time in the last 7 years) so me and Francesco are free to play ad many sci-fi games as we want and also wargames and miniature games: it will be something different!!!

The travel was as long as usual (car, bus, airplain, train and metro) but not so bad

And finale we get to Istra for our first dinner in Essen

After the breakfast we are in the Messe for our first session: scorpius freighter (AEG) a quite nice resources management with some good idea. We bought it!

The second Game was Montana (White Goblins). Nice but nothing really new. Probably better with more than 2-players

Francesco won and i remembered some hints in the road to Essen

Not too bad!

After we played a demo Game of Twillight Imperium 4th. A game we are really waiting for. Great!

We also wished to try the new Eclipse edition but unluckly it wasn’t possible. Maybe tomorrow

Miniatures and Wargames before going to try Skyrer a really nice Game inspired to league of legends from designers from my town (Modena).

The games Looks promising if you like games like Shadespire. You can try it in hall 6.

Just the time for a picture with my big AEG bag and some good spent time talking with friends and we are ready for tomorrow

We really missed Caterina … Without her we got lost not less than 5 times.

Another German dinner and we are ready for tomorrow.

Se you in the Messe!

Good play

Francesco and Andrea

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  1. Fraser says:

    “We really missed Caterina … Without her we got lost not less than 5 times. ” – LOL

    It’s good to see your reports again Andrea, this year from the other side of the world.


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