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Ten Tips for Increasing Rules Clarity (Article by Chris Wray)

In preparing yesterday’s article on rules quality, I glanced through dozens if not hundreds of rules threads on BoardGameGeek.  I noticed some common themes, so as a follow-up to yesterday’s article, I’m posting my thoughts here on what publishers and … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Rule Quality (Article by Chris Wray)

Games aren’t much fun if you can’t play them, so naturally struggling to figure out the rules can be one of the most frustrating parts of boardgaming.  Sometimes the error is on the part of us players, but in my … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Skepticism: Why we’re not eager to play that game you backed…

By: Chris Wray and Jeff Lingwall Game night begins, and everybody stands around waiting for somebody to nominate a game.  These days, most large groups have at least one Kickstarter enthusiast, and he or she always seems to speak first. … Continue reading

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