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Essen Day One: What was hot, and what I played… (Chris Wray)

As with my past coverage, I’ll be posting each night about (1) what’s hot, (2) what I played, and (3) general thoughts on the convention.  I didn’t get the chance to play many games today, but I did get 90+% … Continue reading

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Chris’s Gathering: Monday

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were about non-stop gaming, mostly of released titles, but today I made a point of playing several prototypes and playing with several different groups. As I did for the past couple of days, here’s my summary … Continue reading

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Essen Day Two: Thoughts from a First Time Attendee

Note: This is my first time attending Essen, so in my entries this week I’m discussing the convention from the perspective of a first time attendee.  I’m also providing snap reviews of games: below I talk about 504, 7 Wonders Duel, … Continue reading

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The Art of Design: Interviews to Game Designers #12 – Friedemann Friese

In this interview I’m going to ask about art and design to Friedemann Friese, a designer that absolutely is trying to characterize his games with a common style and mark. Green and F are not the only things common in … Continue reading

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Review: Fürstenfeld

Fürstenfeld Designer: Friedemann Friese Publisher: 2F Spiele / Rio Grande Games Players: 2-5 Playing Time: 45 Minutes —– The Game Friedemann Friese has designed a wide variety of games, from party games to heavy economic games, and as a result … Continue reading

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